Liothyronine T3 OK batch numbers please!


Could people please share the batch numbers of NHS T3 Liothyronine they're ok on please?

I've had an increasingly worse 2 months, and unfortunately only linked it to the Liothyronine strength after I'd thrown the pot away, so I don't know the batch number :(

I started a new pot, but then had the lightbulbs moment last night my downturn could be linked to the T3. Trouble is, all the batches I have to hand, someone has said they're not suiting them, so I don't know which one to start taking! :/

The batches I have are:




If anyone are taking them and are ok on them, please can you tell me which one .... And vice versa!

How long would it take for the new batch of T3 to make me feel better?

Thank you all in advance.......

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  • I am using batch 81745 and am fine.Have checked my last one ( now empty pot) and it was same batch no.81745.Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, that really does help. Much appreciated :)

  • No problem......but thought perhaps I should add that I am also taking 1grain of Armour thyroid which has T3 and T4 in it which I buy myself.

    My T3 Liothyronine is only 10mcgs which is a small dose but I doubt my GP would raise that.( NHS budgets and all that!!)

    However,at the moment this combination is working for me,so I'm happy.

    Good luck and I hope you solve your own problem.

  • Thank you for the extra info! :) Do you take Levothyroxine (T4) aswell? I take 50mcg/ day of that & 10mcg/ day of the Liothyronine.

  • No......1 was never happy on T4 .....tried different brands but always had a question mark about the fillers.I'm happier getting my T4 via my Armour Thyroid..Am aware of the fillers in T3 Liothyronine but am so far OK.

    However,if T3 prescriptions were ever stopped I wouldn't want to go back to Levothyroxine alone .I would prefer NDT.

    Many people are fine on T4 though.

  • Catswhiskers, I was fine on batch 81745 too. Not so sure about this current batch 82463 which others have said lacks potency, but I've also reduced dose which will obviously have the same effect.

  • At the moment I am on batch 82463 and have upped from 80 to 120 t3 . The expiry date is 13/6/2015. |My new lot of t3 are batch 82363 expiry date 21/5/2016. I didn't really understand the batch numbers. I thought the new ones would have had a higher number or am I just being my usual suspicious self.

  • Stourie, 82363 expires a month before 82463 so that seems right to me.

  • Clutter, it was maybe the way I had written it but 82363 expires in 2016 and 82463 expires in 2015. I would have thought that with the 363 should have expired before the 463 instead of the other way round.

  • Can see what you mean stourie ... Seems a little odd!

    You haven't tried the 363 (exp 2016) batch yet?

  • No I haven't yet as I still have a couple of the older ones . I will just have to wait and see. But I don't know whether to start the new ones at the 80 which I was on before because if they are not good then I know that I will get my restless back and that is what drives me up the wall most. I can live with the extra 2 stones but not the restless legs.

  • That's interesting .... My restless legs have been bad lately too .... You get that with being under-medicated do you? I'd never linked the 2! I agree - they drive you mad!

    I suppose if it was me I'd go back on your normal dose with them and see whether you stay the same & as normal.

  • Yes, I think I have to try the 80 dose because I would hate to take 40 extra and have hyper symptoms.

  • Stourie, I see what you mean. I don't know how the batch numbering works. Perhaps your pharmacist could explain it to you.

  • I'll try him but don't think that he will know . Thanks

  • These are three batches I can trace as not being so good. 81171, 82463 and 81526.

  • Thank you Shaws. When I left off the 'unknown' pot I started batch number 81526, then really crashed. I started 81745 yesterday morning and hoping and for an upturn soon ....

  • I think Amdipharm (mercury) will be very happy that the samples they received were said to be:-

    "The retained samples for both batches have been tested for the amount of Liothyronine active ingredient; and results obtained comply with registered specification".

    I replied that I wasn't complaining about the liothyronine (it is orthomolecular so we cannot have an affect to that) but there is something wrong with the fillers/binders used. Why cannot you use a hypo-allergenic type so that we can happily take medication."

    You should now send a Yellow Card re the 81526 otherwise they will carry on quite happily while we may be unaware it is the medication and assume it is the hypo.

  • I'm a bit confused Shaws .... So you think the batch strength is fine, but it's the fillers giving you symptoms? The fillers are giving you hypo symptoms?

    Have they changed the fillers they use lately?

  • That's what their response was to me that:-

    and results obtained comply with registered specification"

    I don't know anything about the company who produces these tablets or what they use to bind the liothyronine but whatever it is strange that you can feel well for 6 months then symptoms develop. At first you don't think its the meds but the hypothyroidism. More than 1 person has complained.

  • I understand now. I know, it seems very odd. I was fine, then out of the blue went downhill too.

    I can't remember, with that 80928 (? I think I've got the right batch number) batch about a year & half ago where lots of people were affected (including me!) .... Did they say then that actual batch was indeed at fault? If not, I'd be quite suspicious!

  • They would never admit to anything as that would land them in big trouble and they'd lose a pile of money. So all they say 'its according to the specification'. Never mind that we are having a return to symptoms. They only way we can prove it is due to their product is if we have an alternative and symptoms go and we feel well. So I don't know what the solution can be except complain. It may not happen to everyone and some may not think it's anything to do with the T3 just that they don't get on with it.

    Also, the batch I got yesterday expires May 2016 and the previous one (part used) is June 2016 and one (part) expires Sept 2016? So I cannot make head nor tail of how they dispense. I assume the T3 has at least two years shelf life if unopened, and there is only 28 tablets per tub.

    It is very disappointing for those of us who take T3. I think a few of us have complained in the last few months, so I don't know if the MHRA will take notice.

  • I put in a new prescription with my drs for Liothyronine at the beginning of the week (not knowing that a new batch had not yet been produced) .... Rang my pharmacist today in the hope that he'd be able to hold it until a new batch came available. Too late as he'd already dispensed it. Asked the batch number 81171 - oh dear. He said he couldn't now do anything as it would cost them so much money as they're £102/28. Crikey!

    Stick with my 81745 and hope for the best I suppose .... Still feeling very rough, which is maybe a virus.

  • I was feeling really bad from mid November until a few days ago. I had a lot of the symptoms of being over medicated. My GP suggested very strongly that I reduce from 3 x 20mg tabs a day to one less every three days. Things went from very bad to unbearable. I could not function as I was so tired and had a constant head ache as well as a lot of other symptoms. Then I read on this site about the problems with certain batches and everything clicked. Why did I not think of it before? I had this problem 16 months ago but thought that was an isolated incident. I'd started a new batch of tablets five days earlier and was suddenly feeling much better.

    I get my tablets dispensed into different containers so don't ever get a batch number or an expiry date. This is usual in my area ( Lincoln ) as I've tried several chemists and they're all the same. I've now told my GP that I'm going back up on my regular dose. I never want to feel this ill again.

    I'll go to see my pharmacist next week and try to find out which batch or batches I was using. Is there no legislation that allows me to have batch and expiry date info on medicines / tablets that I take?

    I don't see how the problem can be with fillers. I don't have problems with anything else.

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