Just picked up my T3

I have got my back order of 3 pots and an additional 6 pots of my new prescription. It has been a phaff but they are now here and I have 81 days worth of medication, thankfully.

They are in Mercury Pharma pots, with the same writing on as the old ones, batch number 81171 with an expiry date of 29 4 2016. Got them from Boots via a special order I believe.

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Mercury Pharm has just appeared at my pharmacy too. Not much, but some.

Well Done Poppy03


Just had some too, through my Gps pharmacy, they came with an advice letter saying they were unlicensed in this country ( I guess they meant from this particular source) and that

because of the current lack of supply the Department of Health and MHRA have facilitated

importation of supplies from the European Union to maintain availability.

I have been given 28 days supply. Hope this helps.

I got mine today too - from Boots. They are Goldshield though, marked 69304, 16.04.2014.

Strangely they are marked "private £0.00 - Emergency supply", and there re 56 tablets (I take 1 per day). K.

>Strangely they are marked "private £0.00 - Emergency supply"

That's probably because the pharmacy assistant pressed the wrong button when labelling.

Hmmm, not sure as when I got to the chemist, instead of 20mcg tablets, my prescription was for 5mcg tablets x 4 months (112 tablets). I asked the pharmacist to call the surgery as obviously the prescription was wrong. She ony agreed to call when I showed her my almost empty T3 container, thus proving that I take 20mcg daily. An hour and a half later, and after many phone calls, faxed prescriptions and rafting, I got the oddly marked container, but with only 56 tablets. Nevertheless, I'm just thrilled to have them! Inerestingly, the pharmacist said that "It's not only with T3 that we're having a supply problem. There's something very strange going on and obviously I can't mention specifics, but this is happening more often than you'd imagine. It's making things very difficult for us, we're spending too much time on the phone trying to source medication". V. odd. K.

The 5mcg tablets are an import, which some doctors have prescribed when the 20mcg tablets were out of stock.

The are certainly many supply issues at the moment. There are a variety of causes for this, the cause depending on the specific product and whether it is a brand or a generic.

Yes, I know that the 5mcg are an import, but my point was that I had sourced the for months' supply of T3 as the dispensary at my surgery couldn't, so that was not the reason for the prescription stating 5mcg. That was a good, old fashioned c*ck up!

Oh dear! Glad you got some meds anyway!

Thanks!! Me too!

Thanks for your help Poppy, my Boots has now ordered some and say will be 2 weeks.

It shouldn't be 2 weeks, they are fobbing you off :-(

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