has anyone here used estrogen?

I hope it's ok to ask this question here, but there is so much knowledge and expertise here that I really hope that someone has come across the same problem:

I was put on Estrogel in January 2012, along with Utrogestan (natural progesterone). Estrogel was to be taken day 5-25 of cycle, and progesterone day 15-25. I had just turned 43 at the time. My doctor (a Hertoghe doctor) said my labs showed that I was far from meno- or perimenopausal, but that I was put on E and P because of adrenal fatigue (for which I was also put on Medrol, up to 6 mg daily). I was also switched from thyroxine to Armour Thyroid, which was later switched to Erfa.

At the time, I did not know anything about estrogen. I started taking it, along with progesterone, and my periods (that had been regular but heavy and lengthy for years), shortened (went from 8-10 days to 3-4 days) and become much lighter. It was a real relief. I could even stop taking the hormone free supplement (transexamic acid) that I had been taking for years during the heaviest days.

About a year ago, my periods started becoming more and more irregular. My OB-Gyn could not find anything wrong with me. This summer, my periods stopped, and it took three months before they came back in September.

Last month, having read about the importance of not taking estrogen for more than five years, I decided to stop taking it and see if I noticed a difference . My periods came back, once again regular, but much more heavy. Now, I'm on day 10, and no sign of it stopping.

When I read about the use of estrogen, it's often stressed that it should only be used for peri- or menopausal women, and only if their symptoms warrant it. I have also noticed that while progesterone is readily available on reputable sites such as Biovea, estrogen cannot be obtained in the same way. So it seems estrogen warrants more caution...?

My hormone doctor has never said anything about stopping estrogen after five years. I see her once a year, and get a new prescription for all drugs, including Estrogel.

I would really appreciate if anyone who is or has been on estrogen would share your experience with me!

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  • I'm no expert, but oestrogen is in the pill as well as HRT. I don't think anyone ever talks about limiting use of that to 5 years. I take oestrogel/utro on the continuous combined HRT regime, this was as told by my GP. I thought I should take it like you (10 days utro) but the periods were as grim as ever. I switched to continuous and it has been liberating. My understanding is that transdermal oestrogen is the safest way to take it and cancer risks are lowest this way. I was under the impression that if you refused to come off it, then the doctors couldn't force you to stop.

    If the periods are getting from why don't you ask your dr about going continuous to stop the bleeds?

  • I will! I just wonder what "continuous use" means...every day...? My hormone doctor told me that, after a year without any periods, I should take both E and P from day 5-25 of (what what have been my) cycle...which means I should increase my intake of both once menopausal...!

    Thanks a lot, Poshpenny! Your input is really precious!

    I am currently 46, struggling with periods that come, don't come, return with a vengeance, go away again, return with a vengeance...while all I really want is to be able to say, after 35 or so years...good riddance!!!

  • Usually it's estrogen dominance we worry about but I don't have any advice. I have been posting Dr. Bergman's videos on thyroid and adrenal and find him extremely knowledgeable about hormones. I haven't watched this particular video but thought it was probably just as intelligent as his others. This is the first of four parts on female health if you care to watch.

  • Thanks, Heloise, it was indeed very interesting! I will look for his other videos as well.

  • Cat, I just watched it myself and true to form he puts the medical profession on notice. That's what I admire about him, but it is frightening that something that is supposed to help you can actually do more harm. I hope it didn't scare you. One wonderful doctor I followed said to take the lowest dose of estrogen if needed. Dr. Weil says only for one year. Dr. Rind is also very studied regarding female hormones if you want to compare all the ideas.

    I see the other three parts pop up on the screen if the links work.

  • Not, it does not scare me:-) I guess estrogen is highly controversial, and not even doctors agree on its safe use...interesting. Confusing for patients, of course, but interesting nonetheless.

  • Following post if I may 🙃 So many problems with hormones and periods. Finally referred to gyneo and had appointment last week and all my systems point to estrogen dominance but because I have hairloss, he wants to put me on estrogen tablets????? Not planning to take but very interested - hoping you sort it out thecat346 x

  • A perhaps stupid question: how do you test for estrogen dominance? I have never heard those Hertoghe doctors refer to it...you have your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels measured, and if lowish, you are prescribed all three.

  • I just found this link, and it seems to suggest nobody should use estrogen more than temporarily...


    One thing I don't understand: I only go by what I have been told by my doctor; that is, never to use estrogen on its own, but always to combine it with progesterone?! However, it seems some conditions can be worsened by the E+ P combination...?

  • In Dr. Bergman's other videos he says estrogen can cause cancer and progesterone repels cancer. Most agriculture uses estrogen based chemicals, animal meat contains it so we are surrounded.

    You link is kind of scary, isn't it? I thought using estrogen starts your cycle again (if you are menopausal) so I was surprised it was helping with your problem. There is some information in this video if you have time.

  • Well, I don't really know if it helped my problem, but it seems to have started my periods again. I am seriously considering staying away from estrogen from now on; not just because of the potential risks, but because I want my periods to stop for good.

  • There is no research to my knowledge showing that Estrogel (beta-17-oestrodiol) causes cancer. I see plenty of patients with problems due to unopposed progesterone. Elevated blood sugar and weight gain among them. Dr Lee has a lot to answer for!

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