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Private thyroid specialist recommendations?

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Are there any private endocrinologists specialising in thyroid that Hashimoto's sufferers would recommend in the West Midlands / (south Manchester / north Birmingham) please?

I've seen my GP this morning and he is in agreement with me that I have Hashimoto's but because I have a report from an endocrinologist saying I don't, he is unable to proceed with treatment (he says I could have 50mcg thyroxine but he couldn't increase this until my TSH raises). He has recommended that I book an appointment with a private endocrinologist with a specialism and if this specialist is in agreement with my symptoms and the raised antibodies then we can treat it.

I have a blood form for TSH, T4, vit D and vit B12 in the meantime (I will go first thing tomorrow morning on an empty stomach!). Maybe my TSH will be raised by now, I am a lot more ill than when it was last tested so fingers crossed! :D

Have you seen someone who has treated you for Hashimoto's when you are presenting hypothyroid symptoms, with raised antibodies and 'normal' TSH? Even if you're out of my area I'd love to hear from you - I'm willing to travel further afield if there's nobody near here :)

Thanks in advance for your input :)


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Your GP seems to be on the ball who would have prescribed 50mcg of levo. Paying to

see an Endocrinologist sometimes also means you might not be treated as you might expect.

I have edited your post slightly as no names must be published on the...


Miniliz given your Consultant and Doctor disagree, have you seen the last blood test result, which presumably both your GP and Consultant had before you spoke to them both. H

Autoimmunity is not related only to the Thyroid, another organ or gland could be causing the immunity problem in your endocrine system! Look up the Endocrine system on Wikipedia, it explains how it works or not! Think about other conditions you may have also !

Post your blood test results on here, the Admins will help you out with assessing what the results telling you.


Already done all that in my other posts :) Thanks though.

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