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I am currently hesitating between Nutri Adrenal (recommended by many here) and SR-Adrenal. The latter contains both vit C, vit B6, vit B12, copper, zinc, eleuthero root, panax ginseng, rhodiola, and ashwagandha, along with adrenal substance and cortex. I like the idea of taking a supplement containing both hormones, vitamins, and adaptogens.

Has anyone tried SR-Adrenal with good results?

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Ginseng, rhodiola, ashwagandha Don't suit everyone. Best to try them seperately before buying a multi-supplement to make sure they suit you.

If fact, I really think it's best to take everything seperately so that you can control what you take and how much. Try taking Nutri-adrenal and the others seperately.

I know that sounds expensive, but the point is, you shouldn't start taking them all at the same time. So, buy the Nutri-adrenal one month, be on that for a month to see how that suits you, then the next month buy some ginseng, or something, and see how that goes. And carry on like that. Much better for your body to get used to things that way, and much better for your purse.

Also, my concerns with SR Adrenal are that it contains B12, and B6, but what about the other Bs? They all need to be balanced. And if you are taking a B complex as well, you risk getting too much B6, which isn't good.

It contains zinc and copper. These have to be balanced, but more people are going to be zinc deficient than copper deficient, so by taking both at the same time, you are not addressing the zinc deficiency. And you risk getting to much copper, which isn't good. So, maybe best to get tested for those before starting to take them in any form.

I just Don't think these pick and mix suppléments are a good idea when you look at them closely.

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Thank you, GG, that sounds reasonable!


You're welcome. :)


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