Day 4 of nature-throid switched from tirosint

Hi I just switched to naturethroid from tirosint 4 days ago and I actually feel a little worse than I did as far as I'm more fatigued and my head and eyes hurt slightly. I had hopes that I'd feel better. Is this normal? I do know my t3 was at the lower end of normal and I do have low iron/ferratin when will I feel better?

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  • What dose of tirosint were you taking? and what dose of naturethroid?

  • Hi, Is Tirosint a combination med or is it t4 ( thyroxine) only? How much were you on, how long for? How much naturethroid have you started on? What are you doing about the low ferritn and what were your blood test results like? What persuaded you to swap over to ndt?

    If you could give us a clearer picture of everything, it might help people to comment.


  • Tirosint is levothyroxine in a gel capsule.

    It started off as a European product - but we hear more about it in the USA than over here.

  • I was on t4 only tirosint and 88mcg I was on it for about 6 months. I started on 32.5 2x daily naturethroid. My ferratin was 24 I've started 325mg ferrous sulfate 3x daily. I switched to ndt bc I was feeling like crap on t4 and my t3 was low

  • And my tsh was 1.27 t3 2.9 and t4 1.0 I also had hashimotos

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  • lindsey1987, Please be aware that this is Thyroid UK Support, hence the majority of members are UK and Europe based which is a different time zone to you in the US. 'Bumping' your post won't wake us up from our slumbers :)

  • So you have started on 1 grain of ndt a day after having been on 88 mcg of t4 only. - It might be too much for you.

    The trick with ndt seems to be start low, stick with a dose for a few weeks, then increase slowly, half a grain at a time, holding each dose for a few weeks.

    Until your ferritin is raised you wont be able to judge the effect of the thyroid meds, If you are splitting the iron dose through the day, how are you managing to keep it away from you thyroid medication?

    Xx g

  • So basically I'm gonna feel like crap for a long long time bc my ferratin is 24 and it's gonna take forever to raise it

  • ndt made me ill.

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