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is there a chance i have a miss marked bottle? tablets are marked N 050, bottle says 1/2 grain 32.5mg

yesterday my normal morning dose of 2 tablets (1 grain i keep getting 1/2 grain given to me) made my heart really pound and shortness of breath feeling really sick

i cant remember when i opened the bottle but i do remember a slightly differant taste

i have felt unwell for a few days

im scared to take any today as dont want to feel ill again

i do have a new bottle i could try

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I'm fairly sure those are the 1/2 grain tablets.

You may have to reduce your dose for a couple of days until it settles down. This is a common problem when people have low iron or low cortisol. Building up slowly is usually necessary whilst addressing the iron or cortisol problem.

How many doses are you taking each day? It might be that you need to split it into 3 or 4 doses if you are only taking it as two.

It is incredibly frustrating when you just want to be well and all these things keep getting in the way :(


ive been taking 2 1/2 grains for ages split in 2 doses

normally 1 1/2 am and 1 pm

but i was hoping to try and increase to 3 grains as dr wanted me too a few weeks ago and was going to take 3 doses of 1 grain but couldnt take another dose

ive just ordered saliva test and have an urgent referral to see an endo as dr cant understand why im unable to increase


Splitting into 3 or 4 doses may be the answer then. Maybe 1 grain first thing, 1 grain late morning, 1/2 grain mid afternoon. If you are ok with this, try adding another 1/2 grain in the evening. Or you could split your current 2 1/2 grains into 4 doses and then increase the morning dose by 1/2 grain when you are ready. This may work better for you or it may not. Everyone is different. It really is a case of trial and error and patience with a lot of frustration thrown in for good measure :(


ill try today, im opening a new bottle incase the other bottle is bad as there was a differant taste and i couldnt cope with just 1 grain yesterday


i think i may have had some bad tablets

ive taken 2 grains so far from new bottle and pulse is steady

feeling anxious though but i think thats where ive been so bad

pulse was at 90 after one grain yesterday


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