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I have a question- I started nature throid about 3 weeks ago and instanly felt wonderful - felt very warm, no longer achy, a lot of energy. I have no thyroid (hashimotos and pre-cancerous tumor (1999)). This was monumental compared to the synthroid that I had been taking.

Then, within a couple of weeks, I began to feel really yucky and my heart started racing. Do you have any idea why this would happen?

My doctor started me on 1.5 grains per day and I weigh 165lbs. She said to stay on that dose until February. Also curious as to if it is enough. .

Thank you

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  • Normally, you start on 1 (or possibly 1.5) grains of NDT, not more, so that sounds about right. You should increase it slowly, every 4-6 weeks, until total elimination of all hypothyroid symptoms.

    Have you had your adrenal status checked? When I first went on NDT, eleven years ago, my adrenal fatigue had not been addressed. Like you, I started out feeling wonderful, then, after a few weeks, problems started: signs of overmedication/hyperthyroidism like racing heart and very low TSH (<0.01). I was not hyperthyroid, on the contrary, but my body had problems dealing with the direct T3 in Armour (which I was taking back then).

    If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, and don't have enough cortisol, your body could be having problems dealing with the onslaught of direct T3 you are getting from Nature throid.

  • Thank you! She won't check my adrenals, said my blood work shows no indication that there is anything wrong with them /-: I have asked her at least twice.

  • Staying on the same dose til February isn't a great idea. You should have started on 1 grain, split in half, then raise gradually every couple of weeks to about 2-3 grains, then stay on a stable dose for 4-6 weeks before getting a full thyroid panel done - not just TSH

  • Thank you. That is kind of what I was feeling. Seems like with each increasing week that I need a little more. I already asked her if she would let me take 1.5 grains instead of 1.4 grains and she said no. I really feel like I at least need 2 or so now. .

  • I hate it when I read someone saying 'my doctor won't let me...' Your doctor is there to advise you, not dictate to you.

    Your care should be the result of a consultation between patient and doctor. You know your body - you live in it! She doesn't. She can just go home at night and forget all about it.

    It's your body, your life and your health. Don't just kowtow to her, stand up to her, tell her that's what you want, and if she doesn't agree, you'll do it yourself!

  • I agree! She has been very good and patient with me.

    She lets me send her emails, and has allowed me to try several different things. I think she is just worn out with me really.

    But, I have always been kind and very thankful. She is my probably 5th or 6th endo. So, I hate to keep switching doctors. And, yes if she could feel like what I feel like just for one day- she would be singing a different tune I'm sure!

  • I'm sure she would. And I Don't doubt she's a very nice lady. But if she's ignorant, then it's your health that's going to suffer, and all the niceness in the world doesn't make up for that. And the way she's dosing you now shows that she has no idea what she's doing. :(

  • Thank you. Well, she is an internist but also deals in endocrinology.

    I agree with you. She lets me take the reins a lot of times. But this time I may just have to take what makes me feel good, and find a doctor that will let me keep doing that. And, also maybe just order the adrenal kit from the pharmacy.

  • Think that might be a good idea. :)

  • Thank you for your advice!! 😀 It's much appreciated!

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