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help with test results

2 lots of results, 3 weeks apart, these were given over the phone by endo dept secretary, hard copies are in the post.

October 13th

i had taken 4 x thiroid NDT at 6am, test done 10.30 ish

SST cortisol 657

TSH 0.16 (0.25-5)

T4 12 (9-25)

tests 3 weeks after nov 6th

NDT reduced to 3 per day and not taken morning of test till after

TSH 0.16 (0.25-5)

T4 12

T3.....they cant give me till friday at gp surgery as it takes longer than T4!!

i asked the secretary to repeat test results for both days as i said they couldnt poss be exactly the same but she is adamant that is what is on my notes...i was bit surprised so forgot to ask about T3 on oct 13th i will chase tomoro. T3 back in june was 4.4 (3.5-6.5)

Could they be exactly the same? only 3 weeks apart, I thought as i had taken meds before first one my T4 would have been much higher... hope someone can make some sense of them xx

the tests suggest to me that with low T4 i am still not at an optimal dose but on another forum someone said that 4 x NDT would be over medicated and i must be hyper...surely T4 that low im not over medicated? i felt better on 4 x NDT i have reduced down to 3 but feel like utter poop...tbh

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I cannot comment on the fact that there is no difference between the two tests despite the circumstances - except to say that 10.30 is too late for a thyroid test, the TSH would have been lower at 8.0 o'clock. What time was the second one done? And it's not surprising the FT4 is the same because you're taking NDT, not Levo.

Don't listen to people who tell you your dose is too high just because it's higher than theirs! We're all different and we need what we need. Your results there do not suggest over-dosing. And if you still have hypo symptoms then you are still hypo.

If you are taking NDT or T3, then the FT4 is going to be low. It doesn't matter. It's the FT3 that counts. And symptoms, of course. And your FT3 in June is rather low - Under mid-range. So, no way were you over-dosed then. Be interesting to see your FT3 now. :)

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Hi Greygoose thank you for your reply.

I have some additional info on the tests now.

Oct 13th T3 10.9 (3.5-6.5)

I had taken my NDT 3-4 hours earlier as I was not expecting tests, so I was expecting it to be high.

November 6th T3 4.1 (3.5-6.5)

no meds that morning so this seems about right to me.


I have been given 3 numbers

657 (after the SST) 105 259

letter says baseline is low but after test is over 550 so normal, I use progesterone cream each morning and betnovate some days depending on eczema but certainly use it several times a week, most months.

any thoughts appreciated.


The FT3 is even lower now than it was in June. So, if you do't feel well, then you need an increase. I know I wouldn't feel well with an Ft3 that low, mine is slightly over the top.

I have no idea what SST is, I'm afraid.


SST was the adrenal function test for cushings/addisons it made me really ill for few weeks.

Would T3 of 10 be normal that day as i had taken my meds, endo now says i am not hypo and shouldnt be on levo (i take NDT my dr knows) as my T3 so high, she knew i had taken meds that morning?? i want to keep my diagnosis of hypo on my records, i have an appt with her boss december 14th so i hope after seeing last weeks tests he reinstates my hypo diagnosis.

I really think the behaviour of dr's down right naughty! it would be bad enough dealing with all this when firing on all 4 cylinders but when feeling poop with hypo it is exhausting.


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