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Help please for results?

Hello there! :) I'm trying to check into a possible thyroid condition, in which I've suffered different symptoms for about the last 6 years now, and they seem to have been getting worse. My GP advised the results are normal, although I'm keen to keep investigating, as I'm aware now that this isn't always the case with 'normal' results.. Ive just also had antibodies checked privately, though not sure these are showing anything either! Results are as follows, if someone is able to help with any advice, that would be great thank you -

TSH - 1.77 (range: 0.3 - 6)

FT4 - 11.9 (range: 9 - 24)

Full blood count, liver, kidney, glucose - advised all okay.

FT3 - 4.1 (range: 3.5 - 6.5)

Vitamin D - advised okay.

Anti-Thyroidperoxidase Abs: 9.2 <34 klU/L

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs: 13.9 <115 kU/L

Best wishes :)

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your T4 looks low to me and should be higher end of range, do you know your T3 result? i had my thyroid removed few years back and my tests always said normal??? of coursefor me they werent, it has taken few years to get diagnosed and i had to pressure my doctor into action


Thank you so much for replying, it helps having someone else's comments, especially someone who has experience of thyroid difficulties. I seem to be finding out that there are a great number of people out there who have been sent away from their GP, having been told their results are normal, and continuing to feel unwell. I certainly have been told over the years I was fine as far as blood results were. It's only been recently that I've suspected a thyroid condition after a friend mentioned it could be the culprit! Just trying to think what my best way forward is now to get some kind of diagnosis. I'm sorry to hear of your condition, I hope your health is back on track now. Were your 'normal' results before you had your thyroid removed?

Many thanks

Wishing you well :)

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my thyroid had not been checked before its removal as I had a very large and sudden lump appear and it was removed quickly, all my tests have been after it was removed and apparently the thyroid that doesn't exist is working perfectly! and have often queried that fact that it seems odd that a thyroid that doesn't exist is working so well, I trusted my dr totally but ended up extremely ill, chronic fatigue, chronic pain in joints & muscles, massive weight gain associated only with hypothyroid (myxodema) massive heat spikes, body drenched in sweat, shocking gastric illness, the list goes on... I got so ill I started to research my illness as my dr had no clue, I have been pointed in right direction, given the direct questions to ask dr, get correct tests done (no easy feat) and I eventually got a proper diagnosis. I have learnt to my cost we must take care and control of our own health and steer our GP's.

I went totally gluten free to help relieve the stress on my body and gastric problems.

3 indisputable tests to show hypothyroid 1. take your temperature every morning soon as you wake up normal is 37 ish mine was 35.4 anything under 36 degrees is very low=hypo, low resting heart rate=hypo and can you pinch the skin on your thighs and backs of arms, I cant it is solid and gel like =myxodema (look on youtube for thyroid myxodema skin pinching test)

I was never given an Achilles tendon reflex test another dead cert for hypothyroid.

don't wait till you get really ill to start learning and get informed, I wish you success getting diagnosed xx binkie


Thank you so much for your reply :) that's really shocking the feedback you were getting from your GP, and what you went through. I'm so glad you've came through it all, and gained a proper diagnosis. It all does seem like a bit of a minefield trying to get a correct diagnosis. I'm feeling a bit confounded with how my docs have been with me about my results, saying that it could be there's no medical reason for what's going on. I already feel if I exert myself for any short time at all, I become really unwell, with symptoms worsening very quickly, and I don't feel fit for anything much at all, and it's been happening for such a long time. My symptoms do point towards hypothyroid I feel, although I don't have the weight gain, I've always tended to be underweight. Then again, I've found out that the weight gain doesn't always happen with hypothyroid conditions. I just feel at a loss with my docs, though maybe I could follow your advice for trying to prompt them further after I do the 3 tests personally that you mentioned.

I think I need to buy a thermometer next! Just tried the pinch test and it seems to be solid on my arm and thigh like you said. Many thanks again for all your help with this, I'm so grateful to you!

I wish you wonderful health for your future!


Sharon xx

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you are absolutely right, not everyone gets the weight gain, there are so many symptoms that are classic hypo signs, its a pick an mix. Drs are happiest treating individual symptoms, antidepressants, pain meds, valium etc etc all of which are no use and will not work if it is your thyroid it is often diagnosed as chronic fatigue M.E etc an then saying it cant be treated, its a bit lazy of them not to look at the whole picture.

Insist on the blood tests take in cart of temperature and insist dr does achillies reflex test if he knows how xxx its a start xx

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Thank you :) yes it's really disheartening and not an easy task! Have also been feeling a constant niggling in my throat and other yuk symptoms, plus prone to and get infections of different areas. Off to an emergency appt this morning for antibiotics to treat another infection! Need to be as positive as I can be though, and just keep going. Will be picking up my thermometer from the shops along the way! :)

Thank you so much Binkie, it's really great to know there are people out there like yourself who are so helpful and supportive :)

Take care xx xx


yes I was plagued by infections. I still get annoyed throat and always get food stuck in my throat and my thyroid was removed!!

I know how you feel, I was so ill I often felt depressed, appntmts were nightmare as I was often incoherent in thought and speech, I didn't have the strength to be firm and gently force a point.

keep a record of your morning body temp for at least 2 weeks to get a steady average...I was shocked how low mine was, especially as I often felt seriously overheated and sweaty, I have yet even on heat spikes to reach over 36!!

Build up a indisputable case for your dr, I was on my knees but look at me know, I'm getting slowly better, my brain is switched on, pain free, waiting for body to catch up and get stronger. we need to be our own dr and help the GP's to help us get better xxxxx


Aw thank you, there is always hope! I've been finding it tricky to communicate as well, especially since it also can feel quite overwhelming and with the exhaustion, though must keep trying! I couldn't get a 'normal' thermometer in town, so will try online. I've noticed online that in women it's maybe best to wait until your period for the temperature test, and when you've no infection, hopefully I'll be over any infections as well by my next one! Could only see a basic digital thermometer in local pharmacy that was advised only to be used in your mouth.

I mentioned briefly about the thyroid issue with the doctor in my appt this morning, although the doctor said it would be unethical for them to try and treat a thyroid condition which is showing within range, unless a specialist has advised otherwise. I'm hoping the referral appt I have managed to get for the endocrinology specialist will come soon, though could be next year. They did put me on a cancellation list though, so keeping fingers crossed. Then will sort out the temperature test as well, and anything else which might help.

I appreciate your help, thank you so much xxxxx 💖🌟☺️


yep I suffer with information overload! I don't want to read 5 research papers I just want the answer lol.

I have a digital thermometer that I pop under my armpit in morning, even getting better my body is still cold. Do daily temps and if its your period make a note, infections do same, that way you have the full picture, even with an infection I only reached 36! note your morning resting pulse every day its harder for an endo to ignore obvious stuff in writing xx


:) thank you so much xx that sounds like great advice, hopefully I'll be set up no probs for my endo appt when it comes. And hopefully the specialist will be as helpful as yourself! Will try ordering my thermometer tonight! :) xx


You're an angel! :) xxx


sorry just seen your T3 result, your results are similar to what mine were but my TSH higher and i was hypothyroid


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