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Zinc is important

Here is a link to zinc supplementation, and why we need it:-

Answering another question, am still trying to find why another member says that we need to take it with fat.

Magnesium l threonate from Amazon, life extension.

Vitamin D3(10.000iu) from Amazon, Healthy origins.

Vitamin K2 mk7, from Amazon, Life Extension, which gives us our dose of the Mk7 menquinone 200mcg daily.

These 3 supplements above, need to be taken together with fat, I put 1 tbs of Kerrygold butter in my coffee, so there's my animal fat. Of course not everyone's cup of tea, or coffee!

I am still searching about the zinc/fat correlation.

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Thank you :-)

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Are you referring to my post on your other thread about selenium Langdocienne?

If so it was Selenium that I said should be taken with the fattiest meal of the day :) . I've also seen that it should be taken with Vit E as they facilitate each other's absorption and Vit E is a fat soluble vitamin.


HI, it actually seems that most supplements are best taken with animal fat, including vitamin A, but we should all get enough of that with food. Lots of good foods with it in, cantaloupe melon, bell peppers, salmon, tuna, cos lettuce, apricots, mangos, in fact most tropical fruits. It works also with my other vitamins.

I use a lot of coconut oil, obviously not animal fat of course, mine is Kerrygold butter.


HI SeasideSusie, yes I think that most vitamins should be taken with animal fat, I take mine with my Kerrygold butter coffee.

Will be posting about fermented cod liver oil, the extra virgin type only from Rosita, this is vitamin A, and the right balance of the omegas, seems should also be taken with my vitamin D3, magnesium l threonate and my vitamin k2 mk7. It does have the last one in, but I will supplement with it, also supposed to take calcium with it, but I have no need to supplement that, as I have enough through food, which is really the better option.

I am going to check up about vitamin E now, inbetween serving customers.

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Rositas is good. It will give you the right amount and ratio of D, too. Taking extra D3 may do more harm than good though as it causes Magnesium loss and this is need for many many enzymic reactions in the body cells.

Check out the MAG group on FB for more, Morley Robbins runs it and is very persuasive about this.

On the OP, Zinc is very important- but so is bio-available Copper. which will be reduced by using Zinc only when unbalance exists.

CLO will assist to do this [ the only way?] by raising Ceruloplasmin protein carrier for both Copper and Iron.

[High iron/ferritin in an unbalanced mineral state is also bad -but misread by Drs unversed in minerals and nutrition in general]


HI Tegz, I supplement with 2.5mg copper citrate, and have lots of goats cheese, also you have to take magnesium l'threonate with the d3 and vit k2 mk 7, I think that I have a perfect balance of what I take. I have introduced the MSM organic sulphur, and the black seed oil, my health is pretty good now. Of course I eat very healthily, have 5 brazil nuts daily for my selenium.

My vit D3 is at a great level, taking 10000 ius daily, even my specialist agrees with at least 6000 daily, but of course they always fail to mention about the magnesium and the vit k2 mk 7, which work synergistically.

I do take ferrous fumerate 200mg, but only one daily, as I am still a menstruating woman, not menapausal, bloods prove, hormones of a teenager at nearly 61!! Iron is always low, because of this.

I have it nailed!!!

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Thanks Langdocienne. All those poor people made miserable by tinnitus would probably be interested in this - I thought of posting it under a "tinnitus " title but thought it would be nicer for you to do it and receive the gratitude and appreciation.

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