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zinc, q10

Are we suppose to avoid certain vitamin suppliments? I wonder

I recently started taking Zinc

along with Calcium, Buisy B with C, Sillica,Vitamin C 1000mcg ,St Johns tincture and finally Q10? I know some will say I rattle, im vegetarian, wondered if this was going to hinder my Thyroid medication?

I also take Liothyronine at this moment in time, but sadly dont feel any diffrent.......could my vits be the reason why hummmmmmmm [ive only been taking it 3 weeks, but im very impatient] -going for a review a week on Tuesday

Thank you

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Hi Reiki, Just a thought are you taking your vit's at a different time from the Liothyronine?? I'm taking Selenium and it seems to have helped me a bit (it's supposed to help the T4 T3 conversion and absorbtion) I take it in the morning and I'm beginning to feel a bit more human. WIth Vit C B and D thrown into the mix. I only know that your not supposed to take your Iron at the same time at thyroid meds as it hinders absorbtion.. Also it's only been 3 week's ... It took about 2 month's for me to start to see any real improvement... Hope this helps a little and the review goes well on Tuesday. Perks


Hiya Reiki, yes i take lots of vits as well Vit C, Q10, NAX with all the B vits that has, Copper & Zinc, Gentle Iron, Sublingual B12 Folic Acid Magnesium Vit D3 just started on that. I know i rattle, lol. I take vits lunchtme and evening so as not to interfere with levothyroxine. I read iron has to be 4 hours apart from levothyroxine. plus i take HC 4 times a day. I have read on here it can be better taken at night the levothyroxine im sure it was in the Dr Tofts book as well, Is the T3 supposed to work straight away? maybe it will just take a bit longer. Hope your appointment goes well. Love angie xxxx


Glad it's not just me that rattles!

Do you really have to wait months for the Liothyronine to work I seriously don't feel any different and I am still clapping on the weight- on a diet plan too (how very strange) XxX


Hello Reiki, like you I have just started on T3 after 7 months on T4 with no relief of symptoms. Started on a very low dose (2.5mcg) just over 2 weeks ago but like you I have not seen any improvement apart from maybe just a very slight improvement in my insomnia. Am waiting for my GP to ring me back so I can ask him if I can increase the dose. Since starting on the T3 I feel as though some of my symptoms have got worse i.e. the ringing in my ears, feeling of pressure in my head and I did get bad headaches initially but they have stopped now thank goodness. I also take a multivit/mineral supplement, Vit C, cod liver oil and calcium/magnesium tablet but I take these away from my medication. I used to take St John's Wort but have now stopped these as they were not making any difference. The doc wanted to put me on anti depressants but i refused them and we compromised on St J Wort. I too thought T3 was supposed to work straight away but am still waiting. Here's to finding a solution. Regards Sandra


Ahh bless, thanks for the post Sandra. I know its hard is'nt it. We go through dreadful symptoms. What medication are you taking, if you dont mind me asking. xx


I'm on 50mg of thyroxine. GP did increase this to 75mg several months ago when blood tests were showing normal but I was still having symptoms. I asked to drop it back to 50mg when next bloods still normal and still no change in symptoms but was getting headaches and tinnitus which I thought might be due to the increase. It was at this point he started to go down the 'you are depressed' route. I was depressed but only because of the way I was feeling (insomnia, fatigue, constipation etc, etc.) I've suffered from depression in the past and this is so different. I then decided to see a private specialist (Dr Downing). He was very good and noticed straight away I had a T4/T3 conversion problem. He did a blood test and I tested positive for a faulty gene which stops/hinders (not sure which) you converting T4 to T3. He wrote to my GP asking him to prescribe T3 gradually. How much T3 do you take? What I would like to know is if I'm not converting T4 do I need to take so much? or at all? I suspect my GP would not have a clue. I'm going to see how things progress and then go back to see Dr Downing if I'm not getting anywhere. Good luck at your review, let me know how you get on. Regards Sandra


I was put on T3 (Liothyronine) and it took at least 4 to 5 weeks for any noticable difference... I too am impatient but have learnt that when it comes to thyroid a little patients goes a long way!!! :(

keep your chin up and work on the little things you can improve... :)


Have you had your vit B12 tested? if it is below 500 then you would benefit from sublingual B12, if it less than the lab range you would be prescribed B12 injections. Also have you had your vit d tested?

Take your supplements at least four hours apart from your thyroid medication to be sure.

The people that I know who have improved with adding T3 seemed to have known straight away, it made a big difference.

For me T3 does nothing, as though I haven't taken anything and yet the 9mcgs of T3 that is in my 1 grain of naturethroid that I take each day makes a huge difference.


You need someway of monetaring the levels. As blood tests are not relable just on their own.. I brought a few months ago a box of vitiams and minerals where its possible to smell them.. and tell by the smell if you need them. Its quite labour intensive. Another is by dowsing which may or may not be quicker?


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