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Generally unwell - need advise


First time posting and apologies for the long post but I don't know what to ask for at the GP's they seem to fob me off all the time saying its due to diabetes but I don't think it is. I am also under a endocrinologist but he doesn't seem to think outside the box and wont discuss Diabetes says he is dealing with thyroid and that is fine.

I am currently suffering with fatigue, aching feet and ankles, burning feet or freezing cold no happy medium. Sharp stabbing pains in toes. Toes are starting to cross over and always feel like I have a bunched up sock in right shoe.

Apathy to food. Am hungry but really cant be bothered and don't find anything looks or tastes appetizing

Sleeping patterns - no trouble going to sleep but don't feel rested and at weekends I'm generally awake about 4am and cant get back to sleep

Mood - mainly linked to hormones I think but totally irrational arguments with other half, I'm aware they are irrational but cant stop.

Its the lack of energy and the ability to walk more than a few yards without feeling like I need a rest.

I use to run around fields doing exercise with ex military three times a week - now I struggle getting up my stairs! I have no energy to do anything , hate the idea of socializing with friends as I know I will be wiped out for two three days afterwards. I get up go to work come home eat sleep -

Past/current Medical history

Diabetic type 2 for approx 8 years - had high sugars of up to18-19 but had a fairly health diet watched sugars watched carbs We couldn't understand why so high until we made the connection that I was eating way too much fruit 10+ pieces a day sugars now on average 7-9 and falling. Also been on Byetta injections but just made me ill

Had a full thyroidectomy October 2014 due to benign nodules - operation went well

Vit B12 deficiency, Vit D Deficiency, Calcium deficiency ( due to thyroidectomy)

High blood pressure - been on meds for 6 years plus never been changed despite losing 3 stone and overhauling diet and stopping smoking. Readings have always been fine for the last 6 years

High Cholesterol - had a couple of high readings 6+years ago but since on meds and diet change, losing weight have always been on the lower side. Been steady for the last 6 years

Current medication:

Diabetes: Metformin1000mg , Glipizide extended-release 30mg , Dapagliflozin10mg

Hypertension: Propranolol 160mg , Losartan100mg , Amlodipine5mg

Chloelesteraol, Simvastatin 40mg

Thyroid , Levothyroxine NA 100mcg tabs & Levothyroxine NA 50mcg tablets

Calcium deficiency: Calcitriol 250 mg ( alternate days) & SandoCal 1000mg

HYDROXOCOBALAMIN1mg/1mL inj Every 10 week

Not sure what I want other than a list of blood test to ask for and any ideas help :-)

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum, Jobey30.

If you post your most recent thyroid results with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) we can see whether you are optimally medicated.

The tests you should be asking for are:

Thyroid: TSH, FT4 and FT3

Vits and minerals: ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Good advice as always from our Clutter x

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I will ask but my GP is very reluctant to give copies of blood results, but I will be more forceful if necessary. thanks


Jobey, the Data Protection Act entitles patients to test results on request and free of charge other than a nominal £1/£2 charge to cover paper and printer ink within 40 days of testing. If a polite request doesn't do the trick you should make a formal subject access request to the practice manager.



As Clutter says, we are entitled (in the UK) to all our blood tests. I never, ever asked for any blood tests previous to being hypothyroid. It was never necessary before. Now, they are essential if I am to keep myself well and in good health.


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