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Crumbling teeth


I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 2 years ago and then a bit d deficiency and the usual high cholesterol.The cholesterol was lowered with a diet change and bit d with a supplement course.the other week I noticed in the morning a white coating on my tongue when I woke but for got to make a Drs appointment,this morning I woke with bits of tooth in my mouth and one of my front teeth crumbled.Has anyone experienced any of this and what is going on,is it normal for us or am I now lacking in calcium or something?

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HenrytheWasp, you need to see your dentist. If s/he suspects low calcium may be the cause of your crumbling tooth s/he'll suggest you see your GP for a calcium blood test.

If your VitD was low then it is quite possible there was a problem with the calcium too. Taking VitD supplements can improve the uptake of calcium from the intestines. However you need to be also taking VitK2 - as that can direct the calcium to both the bones and the teeth.

How are your D levels now ? Do you supplement magnesium ?

henrythewasp in reply to Marz

I only now take thyroxine and cod liver and fish oil supplements as directed by my doc.

Marz in reply to henrythewasp

Well I would go back to your Doc and have the VitD and Calcium tested. Supplementing does not have to be via your Doc - you can do that for yourself.....



This is terrible. You need to get your Vit D and calcium tested as you may need to supplement deficiencies.

I read that low thyroid hormones can not only cause osteoporosis but weaken the bones that support your teeth as bone generation is impaired.


Hypothyroidism significantly increases periodontitis-related bone loss


Get your vitamin D and calcium checked just to make sure. I haven't herd of tooth crumbling before.

Vitamin D 3 and K 2 can be helpful in making sure that the calcium that we do ingest gets to our bones and teeth instead of our arteries and soft tissues. Supposedly, K 2 can be instrumental in helping to remineralize our teeth. Do avoid most commercial toothpastes, especially ones containing glycerin and fluoride.

Yes, my teeth have been crumbling all my adult life. Some of them break off at gum level, the whole tooth. Dentists always say it's because I Don't brush properly, but that's rubbish! Teeth need thyroid hormone as much as any other part of the body. And my thyroid hormones have been low all my life.

But do check out the things the others have suggested. There can always be more than one cause.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply,I have a Drs appointment today at 4.40.Happy new year to you all.

Well well well.I saw a new doctor and what a great guy,human and understanding.Asked if i was still taking the vit D3 supplement and i said no as i was taken off of it after a short course.He printed a letter off that should have been given to me by his colleague explaining all about vit D Insufficiency etc and i should be on the supplement for life if you are diagnosed low as should anyone else be unless you go to live in a hot sunny country.I am also being sent for bloods to check my calcium etc as these should have been checked but wern't.....Turns out i have thrush.

A letter said we should be on vitamin D "for life", if we were previously found to be deficient? Could you clarify? If there is such a letter on an Nhs website, I'd like to see it.

Hi Londinium.Its isn't from a website its signed yours sincerely, The Doctors at.(my practice) If i could get my scanner working i would post a copy.Its 3 pages long and tells me what i need to do,questions and answers,the difference between deficiant and insufficiency,what causes both,what happens if you dont have enough vit its diagnosed,the treatment needed,are there any side effects from treatment?,how can the risk of vit D deficiency in the future be reduced, does vit D deficiency effect any other family members....Phew i think thats about it.Please ask if you want me to write any section of it here for you and i will.First page........I am writing with regards to your recent blood test which has shown that your vitamin D levels are slightly lower than normal.Approximately 90% of vit D is made in the skin with the help of sunlight and only a small part (10%) comes from the food we eat so vit D insufficiency is common in this country due to the lack of sunlight that we get.

Your level means that you have insufficient vit D in your blood but not low enough to be classed as a defficiency.It is recommended that you obtain vit D supplements and continue these for life (unless you are planning to move to a sunnier country)The recommended supplement dose is 1.000-2.000 units which is equivalent to 25-microgrammes per day.

It goes on with advice as stated above and to say if you continue with this dose there is no need for further testing.

I am sorry to have gone on and i just hope this info can be of some use to someone.

If you go to see a dentist about your crumbling teeth, be aware that they might prescribe toothpaste for you that contains huge amounts of fluoride. This happened to me - can't remember why now because my teeth haven't crumbled, although my gums have receded dreadfully - and I didn't know at the time about the danger of fluoride to thyroid health.

If I was in your shoes I would prefer to get levels of various minerals and vitamins right, and get my cocktail of supplements right for me, rather than coat my teeth in lots of fluoride.

I had that happen to me about 20 years ago. Started taking calcium every day, and it definitely helped. I knew when I would forget to take it because my nails would tear, and I knew my teeth were next to lose strength. I also take vitamin d. I'm not sure if I would have then or now tested low for calcium, but taking the supplement does help. Wish I had more information for you.

I doubt a dentist would be of any help, and I have gotten very little help from doctors for anything that isn't common for them to deal with, but I hope you have better luck that I have.

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