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I had a thyroidectomy in 2000 for pap cancer low level. Allergic to Synthroid put on Armour Thyroid did wonderfully for 13 years. Blood sugar went up last year and meds messed with Armour finally controlled sugar with diet. Now I get headaches and low energy weak. Cortisol was high so started taking Adrenal Complex and dhea 10 mg time release that makes me feel better. Also take chewable calcium caltrate. Vit D3. Vit E. Vit C and B Complex high strength. Get headaches. Cinnamon and garlic pills help and ibuprophen. When the headaches pass I feel great like my old self. 4 pm in the afternoon feel good. Space my Armour out 30 mg at a time morning. Then 2 hours later and then early evening. I am nervous worrier. Take selenium if I get foggy. Alive multivitamin makes me feel better too. Thank you.

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  • Muffin, I've deleted your email addy for your personal security as your post isn't restricted to Community and can be viewed on the internet. If you or other members wish to communicate privately off the forum you can use private messages by clicking on a members username and using Send Message.

    I'm not sure what advice you want? If it's about continuous headaches I would have your eyesight tested to rule out eyestrain and if the headaches continue your GP should investigate.

    If you want to know whether your Armour dose is optimal please post your recent thyroid blood results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and members will advise.

  • Do you think there might have been a slight change in the Armour since you first began taking it? Why do you split the Armour dose?

  • Yes I know Armour was reformulated but I tried all the others Erfa, Naturethroid, Thyroid by Acilla, Thyroid-S from Thailand and none of those work as well as Armour After taking for 1-2 weeks I get weak and as soon as I restart my Armour I am better. I used to take the 60 mg first thing in the morning but it was making me buzzed so I cut in half and spread it out. It could be I am older 67 and not absorbing nutrients as well also the blood sugar situation changed me. Now I take cinnamon in capsule to relieve headache and not thinking clearly. It is bizarre. I had found some of my old Armour made before reformulation and when I took it my head felt wonderful. But I only had a few pills so I knew I had to take the new formula. Wish they would change back to the old formula. Someone said that the Thyroid by Acella was like the old Armour but not for me.

  • Have you had your B12 checked?

  • You're probably low in magnesium - most people are - and that can cause headaches, and a lot of other problems, too. Try taking Epsom Salt baths, relaxing in them for twenty minutes or more whilst your body soaks up the magnesium.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi muffin - I am wondering about your high Cortisol and the adrenal supplement plus dhea. Have you had your (saliva) levels checked before supplementing and since your headaches started? Cortisol can go low after being too high, with sometimes similar symptoms. What are the ingredients in the adrenal complex? Could something in it have pushed stress hormones either up or down? I felt 'out of sorts' supplementing dhea although my levels are very low. Good luck finding out what causes your headaches, and congrats on managing your blood sugar through diet. I am currently trying to do this, but low carb makes me feel even more tired and weak.

  • The Adrenal Complex is mostly vit B's and some adrenal gland and spleen. The DHEA is compounded 10mg time release. It relieves headaches and fogginess. The holistic doctor who prescribed is no longer in practice. GP prescribes for me now. I just tried taking some magnesium and that helped the headache fogginess just 250mg. It wears me out facing this day after day. Ibuprophen helps. I felt fine on Armour before reformulation but I tried all the other NDT's and just got weak on them after 1-2 weeks. Just had to recuperate from car accident where I got a compressed fracture of L1 vertebra Had to wear a plastic clam shell brace for 3 months What a test of endurance. Now that's off and back to the thyroid problem. Thanks for help

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