Hi. just looking for some advice on B12. I have been supplementing with Jarrow 1000 twice a day for about a month. When I started my B12 was 240 it is now 740 which I assume is were it should be. Just wondering if I should cut it down to one a day or stop taking them. As I said in a previous post I have now been told my Vit D is low so I am taking a supplement of Fultium-D3 800.

I have still not been diagnosed as having a thyroid problem even when my TSH was 4.5. Just wondering if low B12 and Vit D are thyroid related.

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  • Your B12 is only at that level because you have been supplementing and the results are skewed. It can take weeks for your system to be cleared of B12 - I was informed by the Chairman of the Pernicious Society - Martyn Hooper when discussing my grandson. The amount of B12 in your blood is only part of the story - only 20% of the result will reach the cells where it is needed. This is because there is bound and unbound B12 in the blood. You can quickly lose that level if your are not topping it up naturally. Do you have any gut issues ?

    I would always assume you need B12 and keep on taking it. As we age we need good levels of around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. Ref. Sally Pachlok - Could it Be B12 ?

    Low thyroid is linked to low vitamins and minerals - and I once wrote a post - Thyroid or B12 - Chicken or Egg ? How are your levels of Iron - Ferritin - Folate ? Yes optimal VitD is also important - are you dosing according to your result ? I do not think the Fultium will be beneficial at that dosage ! It is also fat soluble and needs to be taken with good fats.


    You say you are not being treated for your thyroid - just wondered if you have had thyroid anti-bodies tested ?

    Am not a medical person - just a Hashimotos girl :-)

  • Thank you for your help, yes I had a private test done a while ago with blue horizon. It showed up anti-bodies. When I showed the result to my GP she said they would have to do their own test, which came back normal. I have just recently had another blue horizon test done which came back with no anti-bodies, but showed high frerritin and low b12.

  • Low B12 and D3 can certainly be thyroid related. Hypos have more difficulty than other breaking down their food and absorbing the nutrients - especially if they have low stomach acid, which most of them do.

    I wouldn't stop the B12 if I were you. Optimal is now considered to be 1000, so you're not quite there yet. :) But you could cut down a bit if you wish.

    How much of the Fultium-D3 are you taking? Doctors Don't always give you enough.

  • hi thanks for your help. I am taking Fultium-D 800. I have just received my print out of results which showed vit D 33 (50.0-100.00

  • Well, I doubt 800 is going to do much with a level that low. You need a couple of thousand for a few weeks, IMHO.

  • Was the measurement of the D3 done in nmol/L or ng/L ??

  • You may find info on B12 if you google B12 -Dr Chandy.

  • I think they are all linked. I'd had underactive thyroid and been on Levothyroxine for about thirteen years before I was diagnosed with low B12. On my last blood test it showed VitD was low too. MariLiz

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