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Betain and gastritis??

Well following my previous post I was reading up on tests for low stomach acid etc and actually copied and pasted this :-

'Note: NSAIDs and Corticosteroids increase the chances of ulcers in the stomach and together with Betaine HCL increase the risk of gastritis. Consult a physician before trying this test or supplementing.'

I do not want my chances of gastritis increasing 😷

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Nice thick oatmeal is something you ought to try if you haven't yet. Seriously. Add butter/milk/cream whatever. Don't add sugar or honey or jam. Or if you must, just a tiny amount. Cook it with a bit of salt. You don't have to make meals of it either. Have some for breakfast and nibble on the cold stuff before meals. Sounds gross maybe, but oatmeal is wonderful for helping with stomach and gut issues in general.


Thank you!!! I will keep that in mind and try it!!!


You don't nneed to use betaine to test. Just take some bicarb on waking and time how long it takes to burp!

Betaine WILL be wrong if you have high stomach acid, so it is worth doing that simple check.

Have you tried DGL? It's a form of liquorice. Comes as a chewable tablet, and you can get it from H and B or nonline.

I personally would avoid the oatmeal, grains are so often implicated in gastritis, and oats contain gluten unless GF.


I eat gf oatmeal every morning and I sometimes feel it causes more disstress than relief but I have read it is because the phytates are hard to digest for most of people!

With digestive enzymes I find oatmeal ok for me but been thinking replacing it as one can just cross react with the protein in oat similar to gluten.


Compared to a lot of other things, oatmeal is low phytate.


As a percentage of dry weight


Sesame seed flour5.36 5.36

Brazil nuts 1.97 6.34

Almonds 1.35 3.22

Tofu 1.46 2.90

Linseed 2.15 2.78

Oat meal 0.89 2.40

Beans, pinto 2.38 2.38

Soy protein concentrate1.24 2.17

Soybeans 1.00 2.22

Corn 0.75 2.22

Peanuts 1.05 1.76

Wheat flour 0.25 1.37

Wheat 0.39 1.35

Soy beverage 1.24 1.24

Oats 0.42 1.16

Wheat germ 1.14

Whole wheat bread0.431.05

Brown rice0.840.99

Polished rice0.140.60



Also, phytates are highly over rated as a problem. There are bacteria in the gut which digest phytates. Just if someone is concerned, start slow. Don't just eat a huge bowl of whatever food it is.


Ok, I have just learned differently that for example oat needs to be soaked to release the enzyme that actually breaks down phytates. So the food itself contains the enzyme.

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Justina, if you want enzymes to break down the phytate in oats (if you are using rolled oats), you need to add buckwheat.

Rolled oats have been steamed and any enzyme has been denatured.

Possibly oat groats are totally raw and the enzymes are operational.


Well I do eat my oatmeal with meatpie made from buckwheat dunno if it is the same or should buckwheat be something else than just flour :D


I don't think phytates at the level in oats is an issue, however if you want to soak them overniight, you need raw buckwheat flour mixed in. Soak them together.


Try Steel Cut Oats... meant to be better.


I didn't use the betain to test, I bought it to help with my stomach after coming off my ppi medication , thanks for info :-)


If you are on certain medication like corticosteroids for long period then you should not try hcl as corticosteroids increase acids. With longterm corticosteroids it is recommended to use ppi's.

Same with nsaid. My both parents are on them for life and my mom is ppi's ad she has corrosion because of using all type of pain killers for years.

My dad has no issues with nsaids or any meds so he is not on ppi and has no stomach issues.

Edit: heart burning might be also a result of a histamine build up which seem to be common with hypo. In that case reducing histamine build up and takin pepcid in case getting heart burn would be better solution than taking ppi's.

Taking pepcid occasionally should not harm it is just relieving symptoms quick. Does not stop using /trying hcl+betaine!

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The purpose of taking Betaine HCl is to increase acid... if you have a problem, then don't take it or it could get worse :-(

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