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New blood results

I now have my new blood results, just wondering if, in your opinions, I'm heading in the right direction? TSH 2.13 (0.35 - 4.5), FT3 4.2 (3.5-6.5), FT4 15 (11-23). They checked B12 368 (161-531) & Folate 9.2 (2.9-16.9) so I'm relieved that they are good results. My VitD and Ferretin were not tested but as they were tested in the beginning of August I presume they still stand at VitD 68 (>50) and Ferretin 24 (22-332). TPO Antibodies were done in June at >1300 (0-60), I take it that once they have tested for these and they are positive they don't test for them again?

I have just had a diagnosis of Asthma for my breathing troubles for which I am on a steroid inhaler and Fybromyalgia for all my joint and muscle pain (they are waiting for advise from a Cardiologist as to whether it is safe to put me on amitriptyline as one of my ECG's was slightly abnormal). I just get the feeling that this may all get better when I'm optimally medicated for the Hashimoto's but just keep getting told that it can't be the Hashimoto's that's giving me all my symptoms. I'm still struggling with so many symptoms, far too many to list so I'm just hoping relief will come as long as I'm on the right track. Is 8 weeks between thyroid bloods being taken long enough for the Levothyroxine to fully register (currently on 100 microgram)?

Sorry for all the questions, yet again I appreciate all your advice.

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I am not an expert but your B12 is VERY LOW - are you supplementing ? Also the Ferritin - again what are you taking ? VitD looks low too. There has been discussion on this forum about being TH1 dominant and that VitD is not suitable in large doses. I followed that advice and stopped my 10,000IU's daily and quickly became unwell so am back to a bigger dose. I am presuming I am TH1 dominant as I have Hashimotos and Crohns :-(

I think there is room for a dose increase as your FT4 needs to be higher as does your FT3. Conversion issues could be caused by the LOW B12 and Ferritin.

Have you had a full iron panel done ? Could the asthma/breathlessness be due to low iron ? Very common if so. Also asthma issues can be linked to low thyroid hormones and dehydration.

Have you tried going gluten free to help with lowering anti-bodies - it does not work for everyone but it just might help many of your symptoms.

I would suggest reading - Sustainable Medicine - by Dr Sarah Myhill. There will be at least a couple of good tips in there to help. Also Izabella Wentz has a good website - Datis Kharrazian too - with excellent books and Newsletters. Healing the gut seems to be the most important thing in finding wellness for many.

Regarding timing between tests - someone else will be along to help you.

They can test for anti-bodies again - they just try to put you off as it is costly I believe - well it is here in Crete ! Also Docs have very little understanding of Auto-immune conditions so are inclined to run a mile :-)

Hope you soon feel better.


Thanks Marz, I'm not supplementing at the moment but I am planning on doing so once I have spoken to my doctor. I have an appointment with her in a couple of weeks time, I have so many health issues at the moment that I just want to make sure it's the right thing to do and also find out dosages.

I haven't had a full iron panel done, just Ferretin. I am currently looking at trying a gluten free diet but to be honest it's looking rather daunting, I didn't realise the amount of produce that contains gluten!

I do feel that my breathing problems have something to do with my thyroid as I still have the feeling of something in my throat.


I do hope your Doc is one of the few that knows about B12/Iron/Ferritin and its connections to the thyroid - they seem to think if you are in range - that that is just fine. Sadly it is not when you are struggling with your health. B12 needs to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline and anything under 500 can present with neurological symptoms.

Fibromyalgia can be linked to LOW T3 as can many of the symptoms you have. Have you considered adding T3 to your dose of T4 to improve things.... Also LOW VitD is a steroidal pre-hormone and anti-inflammatory - needed in every cell of the body - like T3 - so when low there is not enough to go around so things begin to run down :-)


You can click onto my name and read my Edited Profile - now at 69 I am enjoying good health. I believe it is the T3 - VitD - B12 injections that have helped me so much. T3 is my only medication.....


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