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Just received my latest blood work. I had surgery for thyroid cancer in June 2015. I still have 1/4 of my thyroid left and I am 75 years old. I am pre-diabetic.

TSH is 5.50. (0.40-4.50)

T3 uptake is 30. (22-35)

T4 (thyroxine) is 8.9. (4.5-12.0) (mcg/dl)

Free T4 index (t7) is 2.7. (1.4-3.8)

Glucose 124. (65-99) mg/do

A1c is 6.6

My questions are:

Still sick to my stomach every day and battling G.E.R.D.s always in pain. GP took me off ometropozle and put me on ranitidine twice a day 150mg. Could it be the Levothyroxine that could be making me sick or the ranitidine. I am on .88 Levo right now. I still have profuse sweating from my head only. I hair is constantly wet which I find discussting! Still quite tired. The hoarseness is still with me, but I am sure it is the reflux. I have very bad joint pain which seems to be getting worse. I do have Rheumatoid and Os. Arthritis. Does this all tie into the thyroid surgery?

I am waiting on the results of the bone scan I just had done. I feel like I am constantly complaining and I can't stand myself!

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Friskypaws, TSH 5.5 is too high, you are undermedicated. Most people need TSH around 1.0 and FT4 in the upper range ie >3.1 to feel well. Musculoskeletal pain is common when undermedicated, and thyroid controls temperature so is probably causing the sweating too.

Did you have GERD and vomiting prior to starting Levothyroxine?


Hi Clutter,

I have had herds for many years and was under control. I have gained 10 pounds since June which has not helped. Every day I have nausea. I don't seem to get a response from my GP, just looks at me like I have 4 eyes!


Frisky, Is there a more clued up GP you can see at your practice, or perhaps change practice? I feel sure you'll feel a lot better optimally medicated. 88mcg is a very low dose for someone without a thyroid and post-thyCa keeping TSH <0.1 reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

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In hypothyroidism patients Gerd is more likely to be due to too little stomach ly str acid than too much. If your acid level aa book calledis too low then the reflex to close the sphincter at the stomach entrance does not occur.

I was failing to respond to increasingly strong acid suppressants. I eventually read a book called 'No more heartburn' by Sherry Rogers. It took some courage to stop the PPIs and switch to DGL and Betaine but it's worked, and I no longer need anything(but I am adequately medicated now) .

When I told my GP about this he admitted that he takes apple cider vinegar when he has over indulged in a takeaway! So why push the PPIs?

The acid suppression you have been subjected to for so long has probably affected your nutrient absorption too, so your iron and B12 could well be low too, and add to your woes. Have they been tested?


Hi Ruth,

My b12 and iron have been tested and are fine. When I get the reflux ,I always have a jar of pickle juice on hand. Does the trick faster then all the drugs! Same as the vinegar and water. I also have a Hiatel herna for years which contributes to the problem.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Just watch the doctor's definition of 'fine'!!

Get a printout of your test results from the doctor (or download if you are lucky enough to be one of the few who can access their test results online) and share them, with ranges, on here for comment. You'll be surprised how often 'fine' differs hugely from optimal,


Thanks Ruthi,

I am proactive when it comes to my health. I do get my lab results on line, print them out and carry them with me into the doctors office. I want answers and won't except less. The man hates to see me come in!!

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I didn't recover well after thyroid cancer taking Levothyroxine, things improved when I started on Liothyronine as I did not convert T4 to T3. Sounds like you are not medicated enough. Try to find a decent doctor who knows about thyroid.

Good luck!


Thanks Margo. Finding a good doctor is not that easy when the insurance companies have a say in it!

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