Diagnosed with Fibroids T4 Rising!

Hi-doctor has found a large fibroid in my womb- im 48yrs. Waiting for test to come back to confirm but pretty sure it is what she says. I had my thyroid tested a month ago TSH 1.87 -T4 15.1 which is a jump- doctor has order thyroid again with the hormone tests she has requested. I read that T4 rises with your body increasing in estrogen which is why fibroids also grow- boobs are constantly swollen. Am taking some liquid evening primrose in the meantime- If any of you ladies have had similar experiences could you please share with me. My worry is that by the time I do get any treatment for the fibroid my T4 may become unstable & i will have thyroid probs on top of this fibroid thingy. Thank you!

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  • I do not have similar experience from which to make any relevant comment, but with swollen breasts something hormonal is going on which should be investigated via female hormone panel. You might like to start searching the net for more info when you have read this link which does indicate somewhere the need for an experienced endocrinologist's involvement.


    From the link it is clear thyroid problems and fibroids are certainly connected as the hypothalamus' efforts to have more thyrotrophin produced from the pituitary can affect female hormone production.

    Apart from this I am sorry I cannot help more

  • Thank you for your link I will indeed have a look.

  • I had a similar experience. By the time anyone took me seriously i was housebound with bleeding so bad i needed 3 blood transfusions (in 1 weekend!). My fibroid was too large to operate on, it filled 90% of my womb cavity. I went through sheer hell for a year - they gave me an awful drug called zoladex, which was 'shot' into my stomach with an injection-type contraption every 3 months. It brought on the menopause, which caused the fibroid to shrink over 9 months to a size where it could be operated. It was sheer hell, menopausal symptoms on top of hypoT. i only realised years later that mismanaged hypoT causes hormonal imbalances that can result in fibroids.

    This was in 2007. I am now 46 and was diagnosed with another last year. I am managing it and my thyroid myself as the nhs is useless. I am hoping that by early intervention with turmeric, avoiding soy and managing my hashimoto's with ndt i can avoid surgery.

  • Bluedaff - Q for you below...


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  • I have hypothyroidism never took any medication because I didn't want to depend on Thyroxin. I've just been suffering silently. I also have had bleeding in between my periods for several months and have never managed to have children so far - I'm 43 now. Today I was told that I had Fibroids. My bleeding in between has stopped since I am taking T-Convert by nutri Advanced. It helps to convert T4 into T3! I'll have another scan in November and will be interested to see if the fibroids will have disappeared then.

  • What an awful experience for you Bluedaffodil. Thank you for your sharing your experience- i already avoided soya for years cause of my thyroid but i didnt know turmeric was helpful. Thank you.

  • Bluedaffodil, could you please point me to where you found out that "mismanaged hypoT causes hormonal imbalances that can result in fibroids". I ask because my hypothyroid mum is having an operation tomorrow to remove calcified fibroids from her womb. Thanks.

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  • Thanks! I hadn't spotted the "reply to this" before! :o)

  • I have fibroids and thyroid nodules also! Under investigation. Trying to work out the link! Am hyper not hypo 😝

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