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Just had my latest bloods back; as follows;

Vit D= 68.2nmol/L; B12= 564ng/l; serum ferritin 192ug/l; TSH= n2.61mu/l; serum folate= 14.6ug/l; plasma C reactive=1mg/l; serum sodium= 133mmol/l; s urea= 7.5mmol/l; S creatine84umol/l; GFR calculated MDRD= 79ml/min/1.73m*2 >60 ????, S creatine kinase= 46u/l; blood magnesium= 0.97mmol/l; ESR = 2mm/h. All the blood count results are right on mid range except for MCH = 31.2, just over by 0.2pg.

Most of this I understand to a degree, but GFR calculated MDRD????

My GP, for want of thinking outside the box, thinks Virus, BUT can't explain why on Wednesday I was frozen, absolutely shattered with blurred vision and aching joints and muscles and the following day was properly "up and running", no aches, no chills and body full of energy!! That without any intervention whatsoever!

Am due to have a Thyroid ultrasound.............will that show anything useful?

If not I will get a private blood test for TPO antibodies.

Question; I could get my hands on some Thyroxine, is there anything to be gained by "popping" a 50 the next time I'm "down"?

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Reelingenious, Levothyroxine is not a pick me up to be popped occasionally. It should be taken every day to be effective. TSH 2.61 is a sign that your thyroid is beginning to struggle. If you are thinking of private testing get FT4 and FT3 which tell more about thyroid function than TSH, as well as thyroid antibodies.

Ultrasound will measure the size of your thyroid gland and show the general condition and texture and whether goitre or nodules are present, and if so, their size. Small thyroid and coarse texture are usually evidence of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Smooth texture generally shows a healthy gland.

MDRD is the method used to calculate GFR which is a test to estimate how well the kidneys are working.

VitD 68 is suboptimal. 75-200 is optimal and most people are comfortable around 100. Supplement 2,500iu daily or 5,000iu alternate days until April when ultraviolet levels become strong enough to stimulate vitD.

B12 is optimal around 1,000. Supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.

Folate and ferritin halfway through range are good.

MCH slightly elevated isn't significant if the rest of your RBC are within range.


Clutter, many thanks for your extensive reply. I wasn't suggesting using Levo as a "pick-me-up", but rather wondering if there would be any noticeable change in my condition with a small dose and whether it would, maybe, prove a point.

I had private blood work done in July, as follows; , FT3 = 4.2, FT4 = 14.4, but I wasn't on such a bad down turn then if that's relevant!

I have taken on board your observations on D3 and B12 and will act, as well as your point with reference to the TSH but I'm sure I know what my GP's response will be. (I have to educate her yet!!)


Reelingenious, FT3 and FT4 are average for someone not on thyroid replacement. BTA protocols and guidance mean you're not likely to get NHS help until TSH is over range or FT4 below range.

You could trial 50mcg Levothyroxine for 3 months. If there's no improvement in symptoms it would indicate that they are non-thyroidal.


Reeling, you should be able to insist on getting a TPO ab done through the GP. You just have to insist that just because the TSH is 'normal' that why shouldn't be drill down into the detail? I suggested to my quack that having largely remained outside of the NHS that my 38 years of toil and contribution thus far should allow for such luxuries! Keep him honest! Or get nasty!

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Thanks Mike, not good at "nasty". But what's this? "TSH is 'normal' that why shouldn't be drill down into the detail?" Don't understand.

MY GP showed me the blood test order screen and she was blocked out from TPO ab test when the TSH came back within range!! She had to tell porkys to get the ultrasound! Postcode lottery????


Your TSH isn't above whatever the current definition of normal is, so no antibody test and out through the door marked "Suffer"...


On Wednesday I was cold, aching, weak and "foggy", Thursday morning not a hint of a symptom and feeling well and energetic!!! Why, how??

Interesting when the GP, having viewed all the symptoms and blood results, falls back on the "CATCH ALL", "it must be a virus. When I asked her what virus it is that completely departs your body in a period of hours, leaving you fully restored with a new "battery pack", a shrug of the shoulders was all I got.


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