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A Little Advice Please

Would be grateful for a little advice.

I Switched over from Levo (100mcg) to NDT just over 2 months ago, I changed over gradually the first month so have been Levo free for 4-5 weeks. I’m now taking 1½ grains NDT and plan to do another blood test at the end of the month, Also taking Jarrows B12 5000Mcg, B complex and Vit D Supplements.

Pros:- No more headaches

No more hard skin on my thumbs/knuckles

No more constipation

Dizzy spells not as severe

Cons:- Starting to grind my teeth

Still get fatigued (sometimes need a nap)

No weight loss as yet

Still breakout in a sweat at low labour work

My question is should I consider raising my dose to say 2 grains NDT or keep at my present dose till I get my bloods done. Perhaps I’m also being to inpatient and it will take longer for the B12 to take effect (I’ve only been on this for a month)((last reading was 379))

Many thanks in advance

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You can raise NDT every two weeks. I would only increase by 1/4 grain each time as I think it's much easier to drop by 1/4 if you get unpleasant symptoms of taking too much. Just guage yourself as you are doing already and I am glad you are having some improvement, no matter how little.

I know some people rise by 1/2 gr each time.

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Thor, I agree with Shaws that 1/4 grain increases would be best now so you don't overshoot your 'sweet spot'. Keep a note of whether the teeth grinding improves or worsens when you increase dose. If it doesn't improve consider asking your dentist to make you a night gum shield to protect your teeth and gums.

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Thanks ladies, I'd be lost without you.


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