What is the best method for taking B12?

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I have decided to start taking B12, however I'm not sure what the best method is. Clutter has suggested that sublingual lozenges, sprays, or patches, are better than tablets as Hypothyroidism reduces stomach acid which can make absorption difficult. However I came across this post on Phoenix Rising forums.phoenixrising.me/ind... where some folk were saying the citric acid in the lozenges was causing problems for their teeth. Does anyone have any experience of the lozenges, the sprays, the patches, or tablets? I would really like to hear people's opinions and experiences with the different methods.

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  • Oh, and how do you use each of the methods, ie, how long do the lozenges take to dissolve, where and how often do you use the patches, what do you do with the spray? I'm pretty clueless so any help would be much appraciated.

  • I have numerous food intolerance problems so finding a source of B12 has been a concern for me. I firstly tried methyl-cobalamin in solution with only purified water but seemed to react so am now trialling adeno-cobalamin again just in purified water which I keep in the fridge and just take firstly one drop a day for several days to check it was ok (I just lick it off my hand so I can see how big the drops are) and now working up to 4 drops a day spread evenly with meals which has been successful and I have lots more energy and my sense of smell has come back. You don't absorb the B12 as well this way so although the bottle says 1 drop is 3000% of the daily amount this is likely not to be enough to rectify a problem. I will continue increasing until I reach a point I'm happy with and am looking at vitamin D supplements too. I bought 100ml of the B12 for around £20 on the internet so this method is very cheap too.

  • 1 reply disappeared but here goes again.!

    I take Methylcobalamin lozenges which dissolve under the tongue and take them at lunchtime so well away from taking thyroid meds ( as advised by my Endo)

    You can buy them on line from Jarrow Formulas.

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  • I take a 'wellwoman fizz' effervescent tablet every day, these are absolutely superb for tiredness and fatigue, also a b12 complex vitamin tablet. Really helps me.

  • I'm trying B12 as an experiment to see if it helps. I started off with a Cyano b12 sublingual spray, but then decided that to be an effective experiment I needed confidence that it was getting into my body, so switched to mb12 injections, which I purchased online and read how to administer myself. Some time later I added in an adb12 lozenge as a test for methylation issues.

    None of them have had a noticeable effect, so when my supplies run out the experiment will end.

    My observations are that self injection isn't nearly as hard core as I'd expected (apart from having to work with mb12 in the dark and a rather awkward moment when my gp noticed my track marks:), the adb12 lozenge is the tastiest part of my diet and I use them like sweets ~ pushed up under my top lip in small chunks it lasts nearly an hour.

    Sorry if this hasn't been much help to you and good luck.

  • Isaacnewt,sorry for my ignorance but may I know what is adb12? Is it adenosylcobalamin?

    How do you know if you have methylation issues?I am HypoT and very low in B12 (b1 was only 117) .My dr prescribed methylcobalmine injections.Yesterday was my first shot.But I am planning to take them on my own.I saw the nurse giving the shot and it was pretty easy..... took just a sec for the nurse to inject in my back(buttock).Are you taking these on your thighs?

    Both of my legs are feeling kind of achy this morning and I am feeling more tired .But the exciting thing is that I had zero hair fall this morning :D

    I think I am experiencing detox symptoms... maybe.

    My folate level was too high so I am not going to take any folic acid(folate) for couple of weeks....then start again with Folic acid and Iron along with my b12 shots.

    I read about Fredd's B12 Methylation Protocol and it requires a lot of other vitamins and supplements along with Methylcobalmine and Dibencozide.

  • Hi sa1234, yes I was referring to adenosylcobalamin (aka dibencozide).

    I don't know too much about methylation, but this website howirecovered.com/active-b1...

    Suggests that if you take methylcobalamin (mb12), adb12, and methyl folate simultaneously and see any change in symptoms (better or worse) then there is a good chance you have a methylation problem. There is also a chapter on it in the second stop the thyroid madness book which talks about blood tests etc. I saw no change in symptoms when I experimented, so stopped investigating methylation.

    In terms of my injections, I just go into the fat around my belly with an insulin syringe. I only feel anything if I accidentally blunt the needle on the bottom of the vial when drawing up the liquid.

    Best of luck to you.

  • I just remembered that I once watched a video on youtube by Andrea Cox regarding methylation and she mentioned taking Metagenics Vessel Care with MSM.You can watch her videos on youtube.I hope this will help. :)

  • I take Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin (that's the one that's absorbed well, unlike the cyanocobalamin) - there's no citric acid in that one. I usually take in the morning, just after breakfast (I take my T3 at night, although I think you only need to leave two hours between the two) with a Thorne B complex (which contains methylfolate and methylcobalamin) this is necessary because the Bs all work together and need to be kept balanced.

    I place the methylcobalam nugget Under my tongue (which is what subLINGUAL means) and just let it disolve. How long it takes to disolve dépends on how much saliva you have in your mouth. But it's OK if it takes a long time. I tend to forget mine's there.

    I Don't know Phoenix Rising (and the link didn't work) but isn't it American? Maybe things are different there. But it seems to me pretty stupid to me to put citric acid in a sublingual nugget. Are you sure there wasn't some mistake?

  • That's good that the Solgar one doesn't have citric acid in it. It seems a lot of the ones they were discussing on the forum did, I think it is added as flavouring, and, yes, now that I think of it, I think it is American, so it probably is different there (sorry the link didn't work).

  • I take sublingual tablets which dissolve under the tongue very easily and they don't contain citric acid. I also have pernicious anaemia and get quarterly injections. The B12 are by Natural Factors.

  • Kittenmitten, the poster was using high dose liquid B12 on gums and thinks the run-off damaged the enamel. You shouldn't have the same problem with sublinguals, spray or patches.

  • hi, i have used higher nature sublingual b12 in the past and it raised my b12 pretty well, I can't remember the figures. I have bought it again since. It is a loose powder and the dose isn't massive but it did the trick, dissolves under the tongue within approx 1 minute with a bit of tongue whooshing around.

    Recently I have bought b12 nuggets by kirkland. these are a massive dose and I expect they will be working but no blood tests as yet. They dissolve very easily without much effort.

    Not aware of any problems with my teeth as a result of either product. :-)

  • I use methylcobalamin patches as the sublingual tablets need to be under the tongue for at least 40 mins to truly get into the system. I couldn't be bothered with that!!

  • I use b complex sublingual liquid from holland and barrett. Have only used it a few times but it does seem to work and fairly quickly.

  • Initially I was given B12 injections, but now I take B12 as drops placed under the tongue (sub-lingually). Apparently this (according to a prof I spoke to at the med school) is very effective, so long as the solution is held under the tongue for sufficient time to allow absorption. To achieve this, I keep the drops bottle beside my bed and place the drops under my tongue immediately after I get into bed at night. The drops being in methyl form, allow for instant absorption. The brand name is 'Clinicians'. The product I take is marketed in New Zealand and produced by Douglas Pharmaceuticals. It may or may not be available in the UK. I have tried the lozenges but they seem to take rather a long time to dissolve.

  • Hi Kittenmittens,

    Have you been tested for B12 deficiency - Pernicious anaemia?

    It's not acid in the stomach that stops absorption, but that said there is a part of the stomach that does stop the natural absorption of B12 from food etc, i have pernicious anaemia, the body can't absorb B12 naturally through food or suppliments, so i get a B12 injection regularly from my practice nurse, it needs to be injected directly into the muscle to get the benefit of it.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    take care Honor xx

  • B12 was at 237 which the Dr said was fine, but I feel is a little low. They did a full blood count which was fine, so I don't think I have pernicous anemia, I'm not sure they would test for it as my B12 is 'in range' and I have no specific symtoms of it.

  • It's just a blood test called an intrinsic blood test x

  • Thanks everyone for all your replies :)

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