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Call to the GP to get the latest blood results.

Receptionist – “Yep, they are here. Cor – there are a lot of them! Well, your Vit D results are fine, it all looks fine, and your TSH results are 1.8, which is better than last time at 0.8, so you are on the right track. T4 is fine and they have even done your T3 which is in range, so no need for any follow up.”


I collected the print out.

Vit D result, not tested – vitamin D monitoring is not indicated in patients receiving Vitamin D therapy. What? How do you know it is working or not?

T4 not tested. They did do T3, which is 4.1 (3.10-6.80). I did not argue with the receptionist on the TSH as it is not worth it, but 1.8 is too high for me. For some reason they had also done Thyroid peroxidase antibody test which showed 265.7 (<34). I had not had this test done since I was first diagnosed 5 years ago. I had gone to the GP because I am more than exhausted. You know the feeling – your batteries are not only flat, they have fallen out and rusted up!

I think this shows I am under medicated, and have made another appointment (6 week wait!). Apart from anything else, it shows the importance of getting a print out of the results.

So – a couple of questions - has anyone else had this problem with Vit D testing? Do you think I am under medicated?


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The receptionist has no right to tell you what she thinks is a 'good' point on the scale. If doctors are unaware I'm sure the receptionist is just as bad.

That's why we need print-outs so whoever on this forum is knowledgeable will respond properly.

I've not had a problem with Vit D so cannot answer your question but I do agree that some of us feel better with a very low or suppressed TSH.


I hate calling the surgery to ask if bloods are back. They always say "yes everything is normal!". Eh, hang on a second are you a doctor, no and by the way they are not normal!

Now I say, I don't want to know the results I just want to know if they are back so I can speak to my GP.

Oh to be "normal" again!

Sorry can't help with the Vitamin D as I have only just started supplementing and have yet to have this retested.


"normal" - most misused word in the English language?


Did you ask where the receptionist got her medical degree?


Was going to say exactly the same thing! lol I would also say : do NOT read my results, they are private! What a cheek!


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