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Hi I am new here I have Hasimotos Auto immune disease. Had recent Adrenal stress Profile done. Not sure about results?


Sample 1 = 9.8 Outside range

Sample 2 = 5.3 Inside Range

Sample 3 = 9.6 Outside Range

Sample 4 = 2.0 Inside Range


Sample 2 = 0.17 Outside Range

Sample 3 = 0.30 Outside Range

DHEA Mean = 0.24 Range should be 0.40 - 1.47

Cortisol Ratio = 0.88 Range should be 2.0 - 6.0

I spoke to someone at Thyroid Uk today who suggested I post as not a clue what it means and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and want to go in and know what i'm talking about. Not that my doctors listens. Hope you have all had better experiences with getting diagnosed than I have. Many Thank you xx

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Hi and welcome. I hope I can help you at least a little.

Firstly, do you have the reference ranges for those results? It would make it a lot easier to interpret, but I'll see what I can do without them for now. It would also help to know what time of day each sample was taken.

I'm fairly sure your first one (I'm presuming taken first thing in the morning) is low. This indicates that your adrenals are not coping with making enough cortisol first thing to get you going. Are you finding you are tired in the morning even after a good amount of sleep?

Your second one (I'm assuming taken around lunchtime/early afternoon?) is in range but I suspect at the lower end (difficult to know without the ranges), probably because your adrenals have finally managed to respond to the demands of your body.

The third sample is high if this is a late afternoon/evening sample. This could be because your adrenals are having to work harder just to keep you going.

Your night time cortisol seems to be much lower than daytime, which is a good sign.

It looks like your adrenals are tired from having to work too hard, probably due to the hashimoto's. It would be a good idea to look on the internet for information about 'adrenal fatigue'. Drs Rind and Wilson are pretty good so you may want to see their websites.

Your DHEA is also low. Enjoying yourself and laughing is supposed to help with this, along with all the other measures for adrenal fatigue. As I say, have a look on the internet for adrenal fatigue and you will see that there are a lot of self-help measures to help your adrenals recover.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

Carolyn x


Ranges are:-

sample 1 range is between 12 - 22 mine was 9.8

sample 2 range is between 5.0 - 9.0 mine was 5.3

sample 3 range is between 3.0 - 7.0 mine was 9.6

sample 4 range is between 1.0 - 3.0 mines was 2.0


Ah yes. Then it is probably as I said. It is taking ages for your adrenals to get up to speed in the morning and then it is high when it should be coming down. I really recommend you read up about adrenal fatigue and then post any questions you have about what you have read.

Rest is very important. I can't stress that enough. Please don't try to keep going when you feel tired, rest instead if you can (with feet up, preferably). Never try to use caffeine or sugar to keep you going. It will just make things worse in the long run. Listen to your body and rest when you need to :)


Thank you for your help xx


I am due to see my Gp tomorrow and am taking the results with me, are private tests taken seriously by Gp's? I am taking my hubby for support as the last 2 times I went alone and came out feeling let down by their lack of knowledge. I have asked 3 times to referred to an endocrinologist but have been refused without a reason.


I doubt the GP will take notice of your adrenals result. I believe others have had the same response.

You may have to have a private consultation, if you can afford it. Or read Dr Barry Peatfield's Your Thyroid and How to keep it Healthy.


No you were right, he didn't take them seriously, still will get myself better without his help.


Shaws is right. You will most likely have to treat this yourself. Dr Peatfield's book is really good and there is lots of stuff on the internet too.

A private endocrinologist with knowledge of this subject, or someone like Dr Peatfield will probably be your best bet.

Despite the WHO being concerned about the prevalence of adrenal fatigue in the western world, the medical profession in this country largely ignore it. It's just as well that a lot of the measures are things we can do ourselves!


Some GP's dismiss private tests out of hand but lets hope your GP doesn't.

Please up date up after your appt wont you.

Moggie x


Sadly he was useless, even laughed at the test. He told me to do cardio exercise for 30 mins everyday to loose weight and eat small meals often. Adrenal problems he had never heard of. Also he didn't believe in thyroid going from hypo to hyper with the autoimmune hasimotos. Utterly useless. Before I would have been so upset but with this site and the web we have help at our finger tips how sad for people years ago who only had there negative gp's to go to for help


It seems that years ago thyroid patients where better off. GP's didn't have useless tests to stick by and levothyroxine wasn't available, only NDT. GP's used to go by symptoms alone and don't I wish those days were back.

So sorry you had such a bad appt. I always tell people to ask their GP's if they will except the results of private tests BEFORE they have the tests done.

What is your next step.

Moggie x


Arjs, did you have any administered 'challenge' to adrenals -the night before tests to see response to stress in results next day?

What was method -and was it private or NHS?

Hope you don't mind enquiry -as I'm on the same track.


Hi it was private around £80 Just need 4 saliva samples over one day post it off and a week later get the results. Very good to know what is going on inside your body, as I have had no help from my gp all done through my own research. The company I used was genova diagnostics got their details from thyroid uk.


Welcome to the site and you might want to have a read of these to give you some ideas.

Moggie x


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