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saliva results

saliva results

1....45.25 (7.45 - 32.56)

2....21.38 (2.76 -11.31)

3....33.16 (1.38 - 3.86)

4....15.05 ( 0.38 - 3.86)

DHEA sample 1 (am) 3.47 (0.25 - 2.22)

DHEA sample 3 (pm) 3.47 (0.25 - 2.22)

i have holy basil here ready to start but what about the DHEA?

last years results

1, 35.32 H.....7.45 - 32.56

2, 24.56 H.....2.76 - 11.31

3, 16.83 H.....1.38 - 7.45

4, 8.55 H......0.83 - 3.86

DHEA am, 3.47.....0.25 - 2.22 (sample 1)

DHEA pm 2.62....0.25 - 2.22 (sample 3)

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Do you supplement with either pregnenolone or DHEA?




NR stands for "non-reportable" due to the DHEA result being above the maximum value that can be measured accurately - for their machine when doing that test


Hi Mandy72,

Have you thought of sending these results to your GP.

I had 3 out of 4 levels high, although my DHEA was Ok.

I spoke to my GP by Phone App and she asked me to forward the results to her and stated that she would send them to the NHS Endo.

The Endo then requested a 24 hour urine test. That came back ' normal'

However, the GP has said that the Endo will see me to follow it up.

This may be the way forward for you M.

J 🍀


i had all highs last year and i had a dex supression test that came back normal and a 24 hour urine that came back normal

im actually dealing with PALS at the moment due to my useless endo so i mailed them a copy today and requested a copy of all test results with ranges as my endo only sends me what she wants too and says normal but without ranges

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Oh, ok Mandy72,

That's a good plan methinks, you will just have to keep plodding along and get to the bottom of your ill health.

Best of luck.

J 👍


i diid mention in my first complaint to PALS that i suspected something wrong with my cortisol and that it needed more than a standard NHS blood test....at least now PALS can see that im not just some old patient making things up and hopefully will act on it

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just come across this anyone have an idea as to where i am plase?



High cortisol and high DHEA is Stage 1 adrenal fatigue I think.

With a TSH of nearly 14 your cortisol is high to try and substitute for your missing thyroid hormone. Also the fact that you are dieting will boost your cortisol too.

What are your doctors doing about your thyroid?


my old endo wanted me on 60mcg t3 i cant get any higher than 50 and thats increasing my hart rate some what

when dr called she said to stay on whatever dose im on as my TSH is not at a dangerous level

i see a locum endo 21st october arranged by PALS so will see what he suggests and hopefully will help with cortisol

im so tempted to ditch T3 and try NDT but until cortisol is lower im not sure thats a good idea

im not taking 1200mg holy basil and 200mg PS an hour before each high and drinking as much HB tea as i can get in too

im thinking where i stopped treating my highs last year is why ive never really been well and why they are so much higher now

can we recover drom stage 1? or is it something that will eventually lead to adrenal failiure ?


I think you could recover from stage 1.

I had high cortisol (although I haven't tested for a couple of years), although it wasn't as high as yours by a long way. Like you, I have also found it very hard to take sufficient thyroid meds to get my Free T3 up high enough to feel well. And I can't tolerate T4 either. In order to get my T3 dose to where it currently is (still not high enough), I had to creep up on it, constantly moving the size of doses, number of doses, and timing of doses. Sometimes I had to drop back a tiny bit for a week then try again.

What size of doses and timing of doses do you use?

I really think your dieting must be a big factor in your high cortisol. If your body has insufficient calories coming in then cortisol and adrenaline is produced to help the body cope with that too. Also, what kind of diet do you follow? Do you eat a low fat diet or a high fat diet? How often do you eat?


im taking 25, 12.5 12.5

9am 1pm 5pm

it is a low fat diet but the last few weeks ive been so dam hungry ive not stuck to it at all and have had cravings for bread, cheese and sugar.......not sure if cortisol related or not

but normally ill have a breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe something late evening.....as a rule i dont go hungry and eat lots of fresh fruit veg and meat


Watch this program - its only 30 minutes. It had some interesting results :


With regard to your T3 dosing, have you tried taking a tiny dose at bedtime, just before you turn the light out to go to sleep? I actually found it helped for a long time, and I slept better.

It might not help you, but it won't hurt to try the experiment. You could try cutting the third of your doses into 2 and shift a bit to bedtime.

Also, could you take your first dose at 7am, and eat breakfast at 8am? Taking your first dose at 9am seems rather late, but perhaps there are good reasons for it.

I'm also wondering what goes on in your life around late afternoon (don't tell me if you don't want to, I don't need to know) that could make your cortisol shoot up for the third sample?

Can you do things differently at that time to ease your obvious stress?

The whole thing with dosing is to experiment, experiment, experiment. For a long time I took the bulk of my T3 dose early in the afternoon because I couldn't tolerate it in the morning. After a few weeks like that I started shifting tiny amounts of the big afternoon dose to the morning but I did it very slowly. Now I can take the bulk of my dose in the morning without having over-dose or hyper symptoms.


ill give the link a watch tomorrow when kids are at school and hubby at work

i can try a bedtime dose and an earlier dose in the morning, i only take at 9am as had coffee in the morning but now on decaff so that works

the afternoon well the kids are all home and normally riots are happening (i have problems with my 12 year old who has some proper anger issues and if things dont go his way or someone looks at him all hell breaks loose


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