Make up of 1/4 grain of NDT

Could someone please tell me what the make up of a 1/4 grain of Armour is bio actively ( ie in T4 & T3) ? Can you tell me what the T3 ratio is?

I have learned from this site that 1/2 grain is equivalent to 30mcg, but bio actively it's equivalent to 50mcg of levothyroxine.

This could be helpful when replacing levo with Armour, or indeed adding more NDT.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  • C70rol, 1/4 grain is 15mg and contains 9.5mcg T4 and 2.25mcg T3 which the manufacturer claims is bioactively equivalent to 25mcg T4. I think it is overstated, the T4+T3 is equivalent 16.25mcg T4.

  • This link includes how much T4 and T3 is in each of the well known deiccated thyroid products.

    Of course, if you want to know about a quarter or a half grain you need to divide by four, or by two.

  • Thank you very much Clutter and Helvella, it was the bio active amounts I was looking for. As I am replacing my Levo with Armour at present, and just want to get it right.

    I have been taking 2 GTA tablets per day (which have 2.25 dried porcine gland in each tablet), with my levo. - So naturally I need to stop the GTA as well as the levo. So I'm just trying to make sure my replacements of Armour match what I'm stopping.

    But I should imagine that the T3 in Armour is stronger than it's equivalent in the GTA . Especially as the GTA is an over the counter supplement?

    Thank you for the link Helvella, and thanks again Clutter for the ' 'makeup' and effectiveness of 1/4 grain.

  • Usually, in my opinion, T4 should not be split, only t3 could it be...

  • You mean split into several doses throughout the day? Well, there's no advantage to it, but it wouldn't do any harm. You could, actually, take your weeks dose of T4 on one day every seven, if you wanted to go the other way.

    But I Don't think that's what C7rol is talking about. She means splitting the tablet to be able to increase her dose slowly. Besides, you can't seperate the T4 from the T3 in a tablet of NDT, they're all bound together by the fillers.

  • Yes, you are rihgt but my doc told me if I want to switch from levo(T4) to T4+T3, I have to keep my T4 dose and slowly add T3 (and split twice a day).

    For exmpl. if my current dose is 100mcg T4, i have to take once a day 100mcg and add 10mcg T3 (5 in morning and 5 later).

    i have not tried yet this prescription, I'm not sure it's okay...

  • Why wouldn't it be okay? That's the way I'd do it. And then slowly increase the T3, whilst decreasing the T4. I would try it, if I were you.

    But C7rol isn't talking about T4 + T3, she's talking about NDT. Somewhat different.

  • Noo, my doctor told me not decrease the dose of T4 , just add it T3

  • Not straight away, no. But as you increase the T3, the T4 will have to come down slightly or you may find yourself over-medicated.

  • Yep, that's my problem, I think I'll switch on ndt ..

  • :)

  • I hesitated until now (switch on ndt) because of the large amount of my antibodies (ATPO>500), but on the other hand I do not feel good on T4(levo), I must to do something.

    Anyway, thank you for talking to me greygoose :)

  • Well, adin, the choice isn't just between T4 only and NDT. There's always various brands of T3 - Tiromel, or whatever. You could always try adding T3 to your T4 (which is what I thought you meant) or T3 only. And if your antibodies are high, that might be a better bet. NDT doesn't suit everybody.

  • I'll see what I'll do in one way or another. I am scheduled in october to check my adrenals and then(if everything it's ok) my doc. want to put me on T3+T4.

  • Well, that sounds like a good plan. :)

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