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4 gains of Armour + 20mcg t3

the above suits me in as much as i feel great although i have this annoying pulse in my head i was wondering maybe if i drop the t3 and take the equivalent in upping my Armour it may stop as perhaps i'm over doing t3 and I would like to try this before my next endo appointment therefore can anyone tell me what 20 mcg of t3 = in Armour?

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20mcg of T3 is equal to around 100mcg levothyroxine. 1 gr Armour is equal to approx 60mcg. Why not just drop slightly your T3 dose rather than withdrawing it altogether as you say you are feeling quite well. So I make your daily dose, at present, 340 mcg of thyroid gland hormone.

If you go to the bottom of this page for deails of NDT.


thanks for the advise i was just reading about t3 t4 Armour etc and it seems that Armour is lower in t4 than human thyroid that's why i thought about binning the t3 any other ideas why i get this pulse? x


No, I don't know why you're getting a pulse but see if it does go with a reduction.

Armour is more synergistic with our bodies than the synthetic T4. T4 is the inactive hormone and converts to some T3. T3 is the active hormone that we cannot do without.


Hi bossbird last time I saw dr skinner he reduced my armour from 5grains to 3 grains and 40 mcg T3 which he said was equivalentish.



So maybe it's too much armour? ok I'll give it ago how did you get on? Fay


Armour Thyroid tablets provide 38 mcg levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg liothyronine (T3) per grain = 65mcg T4 approx

20mcg T3 = 60mcg T4 approx

So, reduce T3 by 20mcg and increase Armour by 1 grain or reduce T3 by 10mcg and increase Armour by 1/2 grain.


Ok thanks


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