armour 1/4 grain availability

Has anyone else had problems getting these?

Got the 1 grain no problem still waiting after 10 days for the 1/4. Started cutting the 1's up, as I have blood test and doctors appointment already booked, it can take nearly a month too get a blood test at our surgery?

I went too boots for the prescription as they have been so helpful he had the 1 grain in stock?, he said it maybe I will have too try an alterative I explained that I really want armour as I have had such good results so far.

Is this happening too other armour users please?

Many thanks karen

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  • Whenever there is a supply problem with Armour, the US sites get flooded with people saying so.

    I can find nothing in a quick search. So it is likely to be a problem with how your Boots gets theirs rather than widespread.

    On the other hand, maybe a problem has not yet become obvious to US patients?


  • The pharmacist at my surgery who has been really helpful with getting my Armour had difficulty over the Christmas and New Year period and I had to wait longer than usual but seems to be back to normal now.

  • I got some 1/4 grain tablets two weeks ago from America - no problems with my prescription :) I would try another pharmacy. xx

  • thank you I will k x

  • Armour is fairly easy to quarter, but use your fingernails as opposed to a knife.

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