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B12 for children

Hello I'm sure I posted this but couldn't find it in my profile anyways. I'm b12 deficient according too last blood test and I'm being tested for pernicious anemia tomorrow. I've asked that my little one be tested too but doc has declined unless I do have pa. So if I don't my little one wont get the test so I'm thinking supplements maybe best we already give her proven probiotics for toddlers which does contain b12 but I'm not sure its enough as we don't eat meat. I've been looking at vitabiotics ferioglobin liquid which has a few things like b12 iron zinc etc any one any advice what too give a child too ensure no b12 deficiency? Many thanks

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Rice krispies and a good many cereals contain added b vits


We already give her cereal with fortified vitamins wasn't sure that was enough though


I have recently had blood test which was for the benefit of my kids( adults actually) to see if i do or dont have the antibodies re PA so im guessing that could actually be part of your blood test if gp feels its necessary


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