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Due to high calcium level in Spring, ~Endo requested parathyroid test in september, result 12.3 (1.6-7.2), vit d down a bit since spring, now 85 (75-200). TSH 0.03, T4 10.3 (9-19), t3 3.8 (2,9-6.1). Currently taking 20 t3, 75 t4, 2000 vit d, bendroflumethizide and cozaar (both for blood pressure) daily. Also supplement with magnesium, vit b complex, omega 3, chondromax, vit c/zinc.

Has anyone experience of hyperparathyroidism and being hypothyroid? No word back from endo on current result, and somewhat concerned to leave things with a high reading.

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Hi and yes I have both although had PTH surgery last year. It is not uncommon to have both problems.

Lots of info at hyperparathyroid.org.uk


thank you... I will look it up, was your blood test result similar to mine, and what procedures did you have to do prior to surgery.


My calcium was around 2.8 and PTH around 8.1, vitd 12 just before surgery.

If they suspect primary hyperparathyroidism you will need an Endo and Surgeon who are experienced in this and the tests would be an ultrasound and sestamibi scan to locate the adenoma although they sometimes don't show up. At some time its worth having a kidney scan to see if the high calcium has caused kidney stones, a problem I now have. Also a dexa scan for osteopenia/osteoporosis again caused by calcium imbalance.

Good luck.


Thank you.. not looking forward to all of this. I hope you are feeling better after all you have been through.


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