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T3 - pre flight checks :-)

I've ordered my T3, finally. A bit of background..... Have Hashi and been working over the past few years to get a better understanding of how it affects me. My last two blood readings are:- tsh 0.58 (0.35-5.5) t3 4.2 (3.5-6.5) t4 16 (9.0-23.) 06/01/15 and tsh 0.18 t3 4.1 t4 18 (same ranges as above) 22/7/2015. Vit D 95.7 24/3/15. My tpo antibodies in 2012 were 1300 (0-59) with a tsh of 2.27. When I saw my GP a few months ago for thyroid bloods I asked about checking tpo's but he said they treat it all under the thyroid management. So, I presume as my tsh is down....... my antib's should have reduced?

I am taking 100 mcg levo , Vit D, B12, B complex and selenium. The plan is to cut the levo to 75mcgs and add a quarter of a tab of 25mcg T3 to see how it goes. I have wondered for some time if I have a problem converting T4 to T3 which led me to the decision to add T3. Symptoms that have bothered me are:- gaining weight (gym twice a week for CV workout), heat intolerance (hoovering for 10 minutes brings me out in a sweat, lol), have hair loss - can't find any on my arms; thin on top and front of forehead, eyelashes stunted and eyebrows - semi permanent tattooed. Also some breathlessness and lack some mental focus and clarity from time to time. There are probably others but I've not associated them with the thyroid problem.

Dear all, once I change the medication - what do I look out for or check that I am not having problems or maybe going hyper?

Thank you.............. taxi ing for the runway.........."-)

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Thank you Vindaloo, I am trying Tiromel first.....but have a contact for another product should I need to change. Pleased you had great results, gives me hope. K


Hi. I am about to take this journey too after being on 125/150 levothyroxine for 14 years. My T3 is in the post and I am excited to see if it helps. Fingers crossed for us both 😀 Let me know how you are getting on x


Will do Vic, excited but nervous too....... :-)


LKA, your FT4 is quite low in range so I think you are undermedicated on 100mcg and don't need to reduce T4 to 75mcg. Add the 6.25mcg T3 to your existing 100mcg. It's equivalent to 18.75mcg T4, so a modest dose increase. There's no way you will feel hyper on 6.25mcg, I can't see it lifting FT3 >5.2 but TSH and FT4 will probably drop a little.

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Hi Clutter, thx as always for your advice. GP wished small T4 decrease and once I let him know I have started this road....... wishes to do blood test 4 - 6 weeks down the line. I'll add the T3 to the 100mcgs. Please remind me......... how long before I potentially increase T3?


I think you can add it from today.


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