Anyone help with Ranges for sex hormone blood test in Coventry?

I had the results of my sex hormone tests. The ranges for progesterone and oestradiol are missing. The GP did not know them neither did the receptionist. I rang the lab and they would not give them to me ( matter of national security it seems! )

Does anyone know the ranges for the Coventry hospital ranges please?

My results are as follows if anyone could help me interpret them:

Day of test: day 21 of cycle

Testosterone. 0.3 nmol/L ( <1.8 )

SHBG 75 nmol//L. ( 26-110)

Progesterone 77.5nmol/L

Oestradiol 206 pmol/L

Dheas 3.9 umol/L ( 1.0-7 )

Thanks if anyone can shed any light. :)

Carolineanne x

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  • I think it might be because the ranges change depending on what part of your menstrual cycle you're on. See this page for the oestradiol info -

    I'll see if I can find a similar one for progesterone...

  • This wiki page might shed some light on what's normal for day 21 - which I think is in the luteal phase:

  • They are generally given as an age-related/time of month range (again not all labs are the same)

    My lab's ranges are:

    Progesterone (follicular 0.6 - 4.7)

    (mid cycle) 4.7-21.5)

    (Periovulatory 2.4 -9.4)

    (Luteal 5.3 - 86.0)

    (Post menopause 0.3 - 2.5)

    >30 nmol/L usually indicates ovulation

    <5 nmol indicates no ovulation

    17-beta oestradiol (follicular 46 - 67)

    (mid cycle 315-1828)

    (Luteal 161 - 774)

    (Post menopause <201)

  • CarolineAnne,

    Please check that this is the right lab!

    That certainly contains ranges for Oestradiol.

    That was dated February 2015 - a more recent version might be avaiable.

    Many NHS labs have put their lab handbooks on-line. Well worth searching for.

  • That was the correct lab. I found the ranges. Thankyou so much. :)

  • I have all this stuff on my P C at work. PM me on Monday if I you haven't found the ranges by then and I will dig them out for you.

  • Thankyou so very much everyone- especially on a Saturday evening! :)

  • Open seven days a week, and 365 (or 366) days of the year here! :-)

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