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Results advice please

I asked my doctor to check all my sex hormones as i have constenly painful breast and my periods are all over the place along with hair loss and fatigue.

here are the results

Testosterone 1.1 nmol/L <2.90nmol/LP

Progesterone <1 nmol/L

Oestradiol 138 pmol/L

Prolactin 161 mlU/L 109.00-557.00mlU/L

My doctor has told me these levels are all normal but im worried my progesterone is to low and im having symptom of oestrogen dominance, help with this would be greatly appreciated

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What time of the month were these tests done?


Hi miniMum97 my periods are unpredictable i had the test done last Thursday and was due on this Tuesday gone but i can be up to a week or more late sometimes


I don't know what your GP is up to but hormone tests (particularly oestrogen) should be done on days 2-4 of cycle (except progesterone which is done on day 21). I am irregular too so when I was tested I literally had to ring up on day 1 of my cycle and the had to squeeze me in for the test.

Here's some links to the reference ranges for different parts of your cycle:

When you know when you come on you will be able to work out when you ovulated and therefore which of the reference ranges apply. I would go back and ask why the test wasn't done in days 2-4.

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Thank u so much for getting back to me and for sharing the links miniMom97 i will try to work it out when i do eventually come on, i have no idea what my doctor was doing as she didnt tell me there was a certain time of the month i should of taken the test smh


I noticed you haven't put any thyroid hormone test results down. If you aren't adequately medicated then your sex hormones will be screwed up.


Hi bluebug im self treating with t3 only for the last few months my last test results are

Tsh 0.02 - 0.27-4.20

T4 total 20.9 64.5-142.0

Free t4 3.49 12-22

Free t3 5.88 3.1-6.8

This was taken when i was on 65mg im now on 75mg but havnt got any new test as iv not long increased to this dose but im still having symptoms


Your Free T3 was actually high enough as it was in the top 3rd of the reference range so I'm not sure why you upped the dose.

Do you have any recent test results and ranges to cover these:

1. Iron - ferritin

2. Vitamin B12

3. Folate

4. Vitamin D

5. Full blood count including haemoglobin estimate

If you have insufficient nutrients regardless of whether you are adequately medicated on thyroid hormones you will feel terrible and suffer hair loss etc. Hormones need sufficient nutrients to work properly.

If you don't have these results then wait until you test your thyroid hormones and get at least 1-4 tested at the same time.


Hii bluebug i have had all my vitamins checked and are all optimal i have had to learn the hard way with my vitamins as my doctors was useless when i was deficient in them all so self treated for a few years now my b12 is just over 1000 and ferritin is 152 vitamin D is 75 and my folate is also good i cant remember the level at present though, this is what has coursed me to start looking into my sex hormones also as i still have hypo systems i think there must be something stopping the thyroid medication working properly 😔🙁


I forgot to put these results also

Anti Thyoidperoxidase abs -

16.7 < 34 klU/L

Anti- Thyroglobulin Abs

18 <115 kU/L

I have no idea what these results mean so any info would be greatly appreciated


Those tests are for thyroid antibodies to see if you have autoimmune thyroid disease. At the moment it appears you don't have autoimmune thyroid disease.


You are very wise to be concerned about this. You can easily supplement progesterone, through a topical cream, or in a pill form, like Prometrium.

It would also be wise to test all your hormones, including pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogens. I've found it helpful as these hormones don't always go where they should...I've had some surprising results over time.

Estrogen dominance with low progesterone puts you at higher risk for female cancers according to many studies.

I learned the hard way. After years of irregular periods and being estrogen dominant for 10 years (which my doctor didn't seem to care about before it was too late), I had no progesterone and had started to take it just before being diagnosed with stage 3 uterine cancer.

Be persistent with your doctor and work to find the right balance. You don't have to suffer from the symptoms you're describing.


Hi Learner1 thank u for sharing ur experiences i am just learning about these other hormons i really didnt know they could have such a bad effect on the body when out of balance, i will try my best to get some more test done but its so hard to get my doctor to agree to tests i might have to save up and pay for private tests for the rest of the hormones u have suggested 😓 my doctor to has a care free attitude while i suffer constenly with being unwell


My case was an extreme example. The important thing is you don't have to feel miserable. Be persistent to get your hormones managed so you feel like you.

You might Google DUTCH test, dried urine test if comprehensive hormones. They have some good little videos on their site do you can learn more about hormones.

My doctor and I have found it useful in balancing mine. Its solved a few mysteries...

Best wishes...


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