Underactive thyroid crirical

Hi? I've underactive thyroid for a long time. Ive been very ill for months but now I'm terribly ill. I can't do anything. List all strenght, I'm burning up but I'CE cold at the same time. I fall in And out of consciousNess. I'm trying to survive this but I'm quite concerned as my private blood test results show my thyroid levels are very low. I phone my gp and told him the results and he said to email them to him as it sounds like I do need to be looked at again as nhs results said I was fine but not the private ones. Amyway I said f I I need to go to A n E as I'm burning up and freezing at the same time. He said if I start throwing up to go to A n E. I'm back in bed now. At what point does a person stay throwing up wirh a very underactive thyroid?

Feeling very very ill and no exaggeration.

Thanking you in advance Flowers ☺

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  • go to A and E theres clearly something very very wrong

    post all your results bith NHS and private because clearly someone does not know what they are doing

  • I agree with you, thankyou

  • Sounds like you have a severe infection. If you can't see GP urgently then go to A&E so someone can take a look at you.

  • I have replied to your earlier post. With everything so low in their ranges you will have many symptoms. The Thyroid is our thermostat - low iron prevents the transportation of oxygen around the body - low T3 can be the cause of weak muscles ... and so it goes on. You really need to tell us if you are being treated or not or taking any other medicines that could be affecting you ....

  • I've been taking 125 mcgs of levothyroxine for underactive thyroid.

  • OK so how do you take it and when ? On that dose your TSH should be much lower and the FT4 much higher .....

  • I'm very concerned indeed by the severity of your symptoms. Thirty years ago, I had also reached the stage where I was passing out frequently and had most of the other problems you mention. If you are losing consciousness, your hypothyroidism has reached a potentially dangerous stage, and you need assistance very soon. You need to tell your GP exactly what is happening.

    Your thyroid levels are very low and the TSH way too high. Are you taking any thyroid replacement currently?

  • I've just seen your reply to Marz. I think you may need an FT3 test to determine whether you are converting your levo.

    In any case, your ferritin, vits D and B12 are all too low, and will impact on thyroid function and general health.

  • Hillwoman - reading other posts from Flowers14 you can see that Ferritin is VERY low - so this too could be the cause of so much - along with everything else that is low ....

  • Yes, I believe IV infusions are normally indicated at this sort of level?

    Sorry, I was getting a bit muddled reading Flowers14's different posts.

  • I do understand - I had to go from my phone to the computer - in the office and not so cosy as the sofa :-)

  • This is what I was wondering Hillwomen

  • Hillwomen, thankyou and I agree with you and that's why I was writing so many posts as I believe I'm at a critical stage now. I told my gp the new private results I had taken and he said to email them to him so I did but it was late friday pm 5.55pm and they want to go home. He said he would read it all on monday or someone would. He then stated if I started throwing up to go to A@E UK. I was tested for Addisons disease in 2013 but apparently the bloods were normal. I've asked for a copy of them but they won't give them to me so I've asked my gp to request a copy as I could be in a Adrenal failure as I've been so unwell for years.

  • nhs.uk/chq/pages/1309.aspx?...

    The above link tells you about obtaining your OWN medical records - legally they are YOURS :-)

  • Yes thankyou Marz. I tried to tell the receptionist at the hospital and she kept saying 'What do you want them for etc. She really ticked me off. She said only the consultant can tell me that. So shes going to ask the consultant but I've just asked my gp to get the results as gp doesn't have them either, so really everyone who's working on me doesn't really know any of my results properly as they haven't got them,,ridiculous isn't it :)

  • OK so that is the most recent ones. You can still have all the test results on record from before. You do not have to give a reason - but you could by saying you wish to monitor your progress and take responsibility for your own health ....

    You may need to print off the link I gave you and show the Receptionist - politely of course :-)

  • Politely lol indeed lol

  • Do not hesitate! Hi to A&E immediately! Wishing you a speedy recovery

  • When they tell you that the thyroid is unattractive or overactive once they treat with synthetic big pharma drugs,,then all other symptoms still present are all in the mind..This is how my Endo told me no need to bother them again learn to live with your condition...So you can guess what I said to him but alas lost all faith in medical profession they won't help the people as they don't understand the condition

  • What a disgusting poor excuse for a human he was...Ggrr

  • Hi Flowers14

    Not to scare you but my son had same issues he not hypo or hyper,he was diagnosed with a heart condition that's why Dr was asking if you felt sick so go A+E if not already done with all your blood results....my son is 33

  • Oh covey thankyou for being straight up with me as this had crossed my mind to. I've read some of the probs w thyroid issues and thing is I fit bang on. I think if im lucky that I might just make it if I get treated asap Monday.

    You've not worried me you've helped me realises that I'm righting being concerned and that's nice as I don't have fam or friends to discuss with. ☺Big thankyou ☺

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