Underactive thyroid

Hi been on levo for 6 months now at 100m a day hair is still falling out skin is a lot beter but now my eyes are really heavy and sore looks like there dropping down from top lid and feel a need matchsticks to hold them open it this conceded as when reading posts is this not conceded to over active thyroid can you jump from under active to over active an just confused


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Welcome to the forum, Angelina50.

Hair loss can take a long time to resolve and it's not uncommon for Levothyroxine to make it worse in the first 6 months.

If you post your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

Hi haven't got any doc just says it's getin better but got bloods start of julie and will ask for them and post them

Thanks angelina

Angelina, patients are entitled to know their test results. You can ask for a copy of your last results or wait until July for the new results. Post them in a new question.

Okay will do clutter

Thanks angelina

We are entitled to a copy of our blood test results and the surgery should be co-operative. Just say you want them for your own records. Initially the receptionist may want to clarify with the GP but am sure you'll have no trouble. Always request a copy from now on. Once you are stable on medication, you'll probably have a blood test yearly, unless symptoms reappear.

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