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Hi all

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism three weeks ago. The only symptom I had was loss of hair in a patch at the back. I was stunned to be told I had hypothyroidism.

Test results were:

Free t4 12 (10.00-26.00)

TSH 31.67 (0.20-5.00)

Combined total but D2+D3 lvl 40.2

Serum 25-HO vit D2 level <0.8

Serum 25-HO vit D3 level 40.2

Serum folate 9.3 (4.60-18.70)

Serum ferritin 28(13.00-150.00)

Serum vitamin B12 355 (>182)

I have had periods in the last three wks of bad fatigue and tiredness but also good periods. My worry is today I lost a bit more hair in the shower than normal. Does anyone know if levothyroxine causes hair loss or is it the titration of this medication - I am started on 50mcg and have a test in two weeks and see GP again in 4 wks to increase/review dose.

Any advice would be helpful

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Your GP has done all the right tests, (apart from thyroid antibodies) which reveal low levels in vitamin D, B12 and ferritin. Any of which could be contributing to your hair loss. This information is widely available on the Internet, but vitamin D should be minimum of 50 and I find 100 suits me very well. I take 5,000 IU daily in order to achieve that. B12 they say aim for 1000. All I can tell you is I felt terrible at 276 and I've only just realised from going on the pernicious anaemia society website, how many of my symptoms could be put down to low b12 - they believe anything under 500 could be borderline. Methylcobalamin version of b12 is the active version and therefore the most immediately effective. ferritin - widespread feeling is aim for 70-90 or others say half way in range. Your hair should stop falling out once your there, and you'll generally feel better. Ferrous fumarate or ferrous sulphate, and significantly more than the RDA of 14mg a day.

Once all those are at good levels, it should be easier for your body to convert the inactive t4 to the active t3 and you will hopefully feel better (and be hairier)


Padster, In addition to low thyroid, B12, vitD and ferritin causing hairloss, Levothyroxine PIL says it may cause hairloss in children for up to 6 months but adults do suffer it too.

Take Levothyroxine with water on an empty stomach one hour before, or two hours after, food and drink, 2 hours away from supplements and medicines, and 4 hours away from iron, vitamin D, calcium and oestrogen.

You'll need a blood test to check levels 6-8 weeks after starting Levothyroxine. Take your Levothyroxine after the blood draw. You'll almost certainly need further dose increases, usually in 25mcg increments, arrange future blood draws early in the morning and make it a fasting test (plenty of water) as TSH is hghest early and before food.

It will increase iron absorption and minimise constipation if you take iron with 500-1,000mg vitamin C. You should also take a B Complex to keep folate and other B vits balanced when you supplement methylcobalamin.


Thanks posh penny and clutter, that all makes sense.

Would you know where I could buy those vits in UK and what mg level I should take. There are lots of different brands on Amazon and not sure which one is best. There's also lots of different Vitamin d types for sale. Feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed by all the supplements available!

Thanks again




5,000iu D3 Brand isn't important but softgel capsules are better than tablets. I'm currently using Doctor's Best 5,000iu. Spray or liquid drops are fine too.

1.200mcg BetterYou Boost B12 spray; or

1,000mcg Jarrows Formula or Solgar sublingual Lozenges.

B Complex vitamin - I use a supermarket brand.

Ferrous Fumarate 210mg iron.

1,000mg vitamin C - I use a supermarket brand.

If you use Amazon please use the affiliate link

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Thanks again. Looking back to when I first noticed lost hair in july, the GP did blood tests straight away and after these I started taking supplements vitabiotics hairfollic woman. After about three weeks I saw GP and he diagnosed hypothyroidism. He said my test levels were fine and so I stopped the supplements. This was about three weeks ago, although I still took berocca most days which has lower levels of supplements than hairfollic and no iron. My iron reserves may have become depleted over that time as I have felt much more tired this last week.

I have started hairfollic again and also added a vit c and iron supplement. Ive ordered jarrow b12 and some vit d drops which will come next week.

Please advise if theres anything else I should do to prevent further hairloss as this is most scary thing. Feel like theres a lot to learn still and we dont get all the answers from GP.

Ps. Having antibody tests next week with repeat TSH and T4 tests.


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