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Thyroid and FSH and LH levels


I haven't been diagnosed with hypothyroidism however last year i had a blood test due to symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, mood swings etc. My Tsh was 5.7 (0.4-5.0) and Free T4 13 (9-19). Dr wanted to retest in 3 months which he did and results came back in range. However as I have been feeling increasingly rubbish i requested a print out of my blood test results.

can anyone shed any light on these levels for me please? They say normal but dont look normal to me. These were done at the same time as the 1st thyroid tests.

I was on the pill at the time which i know can lower the level but dont know if this would make it this low?

Serum FSH 0.7IU/L


Follicular phase 3.1-8.1

mid-cycle 2.6-16.7

Luteal phase 1.0-5.5

Serum LH > 0.5IU/L


Follicular phase 2.4-6.6

Mid-cycle 9.1-74

Luteal phase 0.9-9.3

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MDL990510, TSH can be elevated due to non-thyroidal illness which is why your GP wanted to retest 3 months later when an infection or virus would have resolved. Do you have the retest 'normal' results and ranges?

TSH levels fluctuate throughout the day and time of day can affect results which is why members are advised to have early morning and fasting thyroid tests (water only) when TSH is highest.

I don't know how to interpret FSH and LH. Hopefully other members will be able to help.


Thanks clutter, the ranges on the retest were the same but the levels were:

TSH 2.5 and Free T4 13. The first test was done at 8.30am and the second after 11am. I had a further thyroid test this year and the levels were similar and were done at a similar time.

It was the FSH and LH levels that I was more concerned about as they seem very low


MDL, thyroid seems to have settled down but TSH>2.5 does indicate it is struggling and FT4 13 is a bit low in range. I'm sorry I can't help with FSH and LH. Repost your question if you don't get any replies here.

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