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Has anyone experienced a dropping b12 after iron and vit d supplementation please, along with altered white blood cell counts?

Hi, I've received lots of great advice on here and am wondering if anyone else has experienced the above please?

My ferritin levels have increased from 12ug/l December, to 40 in Feb and 134now! Although I'd had an infection prior to Febs and have now had 5 months of sinusitis and inner ear infections, so not sure if that has had an effect on high result or whether I'm fully topped up now! I'd cut down on the iron during the last few months too, because of not being able to get rid of these infections.

Vit d has risen from 28nmol to 99 nmol, been on 1000iu a day.

But strangely b12 has dropped from 456 in dec, to 292 in feb, to 261 now? I have assumed I was at fault with diet and iron, so thought by increasing meat, especially liver, would therefore increase b12, but the opposite has happened.

There are also warnings next to my Mean corpusc H, which has changed from 31.5 in feb, to 32.1 now (27.0-32.0) which I believe can relate to b12 probs?

The Neutrophils are overrange now 7.37 (2.00-7.00)

The Lymphocytes are under range 0.77 (1.00-3.00)

Magnesium was slightly overrange 0.94 (0.70-0.90)

Cortisol was 700nmol (101-536)

Have also had my thyroid checked, told okay, but am picking results up Tuesday, along with folate and no doubt another FBC, as they'd forgotten to do the b12 with my other tests 2weeks previously. Thyroid was included as I've had such a sore neck at the front for a few weeks.

I've decided to look into the active b12 next to see if that throws any light on it.

I've also lost another 5pounds, so am just under 7 stone now, could be down to persistent infections I guess. Just as I thought the infections were improving I went down with a high temp on Friday, all good fun eh!:)

Anyway, if anyone has any similar experience or advice I'd love to hear please...happy bank hols to you x

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Your story sounds very similar to mine.

First you need to know your Thyroid is functioning properly, the Magnesium test is unreliable if it's the nhs one.

I have malabsorbsion issues where my ferritin and B12 were low side and on investigation they tested my Transferrin Saturation which shows a true picture of where your iron is. My Ferritin was low but the transferrin sat was normal which meant I was poisoning myself with iron supplements.

Do you have gluten or a Dairy issues?

I had a leaky gut caused by the amount of antibiotics I have had over the years for lung,uti infections.

My immunity was lowered by the Gluten damaging my gut.

Also I have low Lymphocytes which indicates an immunity issue (caused by gut issues)


Hi jessiepup

Thanks very much for your reply. Our stories do sound familiar :)

Have just picked up Thyroid results and seems TSH is 0.42 ( has dropped from last test in Dec 1.88 (0.35-3.50) and serum free T4 has risen from 15 to 17 so presuming this is good.

I'm a bit confused ( doesn't take too much!) that your Transferrin saturation is good, so you were poisoning yourself with iron supplements? Haven't had an iron profile offered, just told ferritin was 12, but obviously now up to 134, quite a rise in 8 months! Was a bit concerned it was reading high as I've had infections for a few months, but doc says it's fine. So has your ferritin risen now and have you achieved that by diet then?

I'm concerned about my b12 as it's dropped from nearly 200 ng/l since December, seems a lot to me, when I've increased eating meat, liver, etc to aid the iron. How is your B12 now? Did you have an active b12 test and was it helpful?

Yes, I have probs with dairy! Used to get sinusitis every few weeks ( seemed to coincide with hormones I think) until I just had it continually (I'd had tonsillitis like that, but had them removed then the sinus probs kindly took place of that :)) after more years of antibiotics, discovered I'd got polyps, after taking steroids and cat scan was diagnosed with chronic sinusitus. Desperation led to a York test which found a milk intolerance! Gave that up and pretty much no more sinusitis!

Had spells of better health, but still had relapses which lasted long periods of time so was still under diagnosis of M.E.

I've had candida saliva and blood tests at times, have you? Mine has been nearly 100 sometimes when it should be less than 10. Have been on the candida diet and am still pretty much sugar free, but like you feel a lot of this is down to some kind of digestive issues. Am back on gluten free again to give that yet another try as one saliva test I did said I had a borderline prob with it.

Have you been tested for Helicobacteur pylori? Have had to hand in another test as the first one came back as not sure! Am on my third lot of antibiotics for another infection, have had 2lots for continued sinusitis as I foolishly tried some goats milk and presume it must have triggered it all off! I was worried after having a low level vit d result and oesteopaenia result that I'm not eating enough calcium, don't think I'll be trying it again in a hurry! Like you I've had way too many antibiotics over the years and avoid wherever poss, but just can't seem to shift the infection very easily, which is strange cos both iron and vit d are improved so thought that might've helped!

What level are your lymphocytes?

Well, better stop now, this is getting long...would love to hear back from you...:)


I am on a diet called the gut and psychology diet (GAPS) it is the only thing that gas healed my gut, raised my iron and since being on it 8 months I have been infection free for the first time in my adult life.

The book is an amazing read even if you decide not to try it, it explains the role of gut bacteria (good and bad) and Candida in our wellbeing .

I only take B12 now.

Looks like your thyroid may be a bit on the over side too.

Can't remember offhand what my lymphocyte level is but it is always below range.


Thanks for your reply. Really glad to hear you're finding such great results and improvement with this. I have heard of it and will look further into it. Did you start off on the introduction diet? It must feel amazing after feeling I'll for so long.

I first read about it a while ago when I used to buy duokult probiotics from them, but it's probably moved on even further now, will look for the book.

Hope you go from strength to strength....thanks again :)


I couldn't do the intro diet for long because I work 5 days a week and was getting to tired. I have done quite well on the full gaps diet. Good luck x


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