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I'm just over 2 weeks taking ndt and have gone up half a grain. Do I dare say I'm feeling better already ☺ . On iron and b12 aswell . I feel warmer and when remember to take temp it's 36c and usually 35c or thereabouts . Did 12 hours cooking at work yesterday and usually feel really ill that night , but last night none of the pains in legs and torso or the head full of wool feeling . Maybe one complaint I'm having very vivid dreams every night , never had that so regularly . I can put up with it though . Thankyou for this forum it's the best yet , I've learned so much from it 😊

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That's promising, Alwaysknackered. The brain likes T3 so that may be why you are having vivid dreams, they'll probably settle down in a few weeks. Don't be tempted to increase dose too quickly. This link explains why dose adjustments should be gradual.



Many thanks clutter x


I have extremely vivid dreams when taking B12


Yes EpicSwan I just looked it up , some people take b12 to be able to have lucid dreams !


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