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Really thirsty And forgetful after starting thiroyd

Hi guys,

I swapped 75mg of levo for 1 grain of thiroyd last week, taking 1/2 sublingually am & pm. So far, I feel more awake, no need to nap and brain fog is starting to clear. Temp it's up from a ridiculous 34.4ish to 35.8. Not perfect, so I might go up a little bit next week, and I'm thinking of adding iron and a tiny bit of adrenal gland if I'm still tired after a couple more weeks ( I think I might have adrenal fatigue, I was reading the list of symptoms and I seem to tick the boxes, but the pen test was negative). I go in the sun bed every 2-3 weeks for a few minutes for vit d (and a light tan) so I doubt I have vit d deficiency.

The main thing is I'm massively thirsty since I started- drinking 1 large bottle of water + may be 5 cups of herbal tea a day (that's nearly 3l??) And still thirsty and dry feeling. Also though the brain fog is clearing, my memory is completely gone. Like seriously gone, as in Dory from finding nemo level!

Is this normal? Any suggestions?

Also, as a side note, my multi vit has 333micro of b12, as cycnocobalamin. I know it's preferable to taste the other type, should I add some or wait for blood test? I plan to do one in about a month's time when the ndt has settled a little.

Thanks everyone for your help! You've really made the switch much easier and I'm glad to be finally making progress!

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Are you also peeing a lot along with the drinking lots of fluids? You might get your blood sugar checked. Excessive voiding and thirst is one sign of diabetes.

Adrenals run on salt. It can be helpful to add 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of unprocessed celtic or sea salt to 6 - 8 ozs of water and drink. Some do this twice per day. If the thought of drinking salt water makes you gag, you can add some lemon and honey to the drink.


I do have pcos related insulin resistance but this is something that happened at the exact same time as starting ndt. The first day I peed every 1/2 hour and the second day I felt like my large intestine was giving itself a massive detox. Since then I felt great minus the extra thirst and the forgetfulness... That's why I thought it might not be blood sugar/ diabetes?

I wonder where you can get a dynamic glucose test around here... Guess it's more research!

Ps. Thanks for the salt tip as well. I do eat a fair amount of sea and Himalayan salt but I'll try the drinking thing.


vixvixvix... I am dumb as a rock about pcos so totally unqualified to comment about that. It is a weird coincidence about the voiding/thirst started at the same time as you starting NDT. It would be foolish to dismiss that coincidence out of hand.

Excessive urination/thirst can also be a symptom of adrenal dysfunction or adrenal fatigue. Usually a cortisol saliva test can help with that diagnosis. Do watch your minerals etc You don't want the excessive urination messing up your electrolytes. There are lots of links and info on line about urination/adrenal fatigue.

The correlation with you taking NDT is that your body may have been 'getting by' with lower body temp/heart rate/digestion etc. So, adrenals are struggling because thyroid is under-functioning. Then you take NDT and the NDT begins to rev up bodily functions to normal and the adrenals can't keep up and they sometimes 'crash'.

Do you know anyone who is a diabetic? Most diabetics, especially Type I diabetics, have to check/monitor their blood glucose sugar each day. This would not be comprehensive but, you could sure check your blood sugar by borrowing their meter/strip and see what your blood sugar is. A good time to take it would be just before a meal.

Hubby is a diabetic and he takes his blood glucose reading each morning before breakfast. Until we got him stabilized, he took a reading each am and in the evening just before the dinner meal.

It wouldn't tell you what your A1C reading is (blood test) but it would sure tell you if your blood glucose is totally out of whack.

Good luck trying to nail this down, my friend.


Thanks for the suggestions! I don't know anyone with diabetes but should probably keep track of my blood sugar anyways. Turns out a blood sugar meter isn't super expensive on the giant website so I might invest in one.

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As I understand it you don't make any vitamin D from standard sun lamp. It needs to be one specifically for vitamin D. (Hospitals have them for treating serious psoriasis)

So you might want to get vitamin d checked


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