thiroyd meds off a well known site

i was on a well known shopping site last night and found that they sold these meds £32 ?? plus 3-99 postage this is for a 1,000.i am tempted to buy as not doing well on Erfra and T3 ,but worried if i can keep the expense of them on my pension .i have a numb feeling headache and having just lost my brother-in-law feel no sorrow or whats so ever ,this cant be normal ?

sue xx cant think anymore

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  • You do not say what the meds are.

  • hi Treepie ,its thiryoid and Thiryoid s i dont know wether i should mention the site or not but everyone knows it

    hugs sue

  • No do not mention the site . There are two Thai products: Thyroid S and Thiroid which I think has less additives. Not had either but both appear to have been used Ok by members of this forum. Much cheaper than Armour and must be worth a try.

  • I am tempted to buy it but i get my Erfra from my local hospital where as being on a pension i am worried about lumbering myself with the cost.How do i alter my post treepie with the right spelling

    sue xx

  • Sue, I'm in a very similar position. The ERFA from the hospital isn't working, and I have had to buy the Thiroid. I have almost no income at present until my OAP starts in October, but purchase of Thiroid now comes first for me.

    I'm still getting used to the Thiroid, but at present find that I am only taking 75% as much as I was ERFA, which brings the cost down as well.

    We shouldn't have to be paying for our treatment, but my quality of life is so improved by doing so, it takes some of the injustice away.

    By the way, is your hospital at W-s-M? I ask because I was told that all other patients on ERFA have no complaints.

  • Hi Hypopotamus Thanks for your reply ,can yo tell me how you are feeling now you are taking Thiroyd ?I was on armour for a while and when first starting it i felt as if a light had been switched on then after a few months i went hypo thats why i was changed to Erfra.

    I dont like the way i am feeling on Erfra and i think its the liothyronine i am taking thats making me feel numb with a dull numb headache ,i dont feel happy either just a miserable old sod lol.My hospital is in mid cheshire and i must say they have been quite good and let me try different thyroid medication ,I take all the vits ans minerals ,but never have ferritin or folate done ..My girls have warned me about buying meds off the internet but at the moment i am tempted to try this Thiroyd with out them knowing ,how long will 1,000 last do u know

    Hugs sue xx

  • Again, a similar story to mine Sue. Got Armour after a couple of years of asking, felt warm within 48 hours of taking it for the first time in decades, and thought that I was on the way out of a long dark tunnel. Then it was reformulated and didn't appear to work any more so I switched to ERFA and got the benefits back again. Then they changed ERFA, and it had the effect of making me feel as though I had been doped. I just wanted to do nothing all day.

    I had tried Thyroid-S last year but didn't feel any better, although that was probably because I had stopped taking my B12 tablets while I waited 13 months for an appointment with a haematologist. This year I tried Thiroid in desperation , and found that the fog lifted from my brain, and I felt well enough to get on with many jobs that I had been unable to even think about before.

    You don't say what your dose it. I am taking 1 1/2 grains (90 mg) a day which means that the cost works out at less than 20p per day. 120mg would work out at around 26p per day, and 120mg would be around 53p per day.

    I would suggest starting with a pack of 60 tablets to see if it works for you. I will PM you with the link to where I buy from which is very safe.

  • Sue ,I am not good with tech but I think one of the boxes below your post enables editing.

  • neither am i lol will go and have a try

  • Treepie the little box next to the box with like in it well click on that and it comes up edit .omg i am learning something new everyday but wether i can keep it in my thick head is another thing

    sue xx

  • I knew it was there somewhere! Is 1947 your birth year? If so I am a couple of years older and memory fades even without hypo!

  • yes i was born on new years day just as the bells went for the new year sue xx

  • Doing the math I reckon I was conceived on VE Day.

  • A great occassion treepie ,just after i was born the bed caught on fire lol,my dad was in my mums bad books for ages

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