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On the right track?

Hi , I have hashi's , currently self medicating with NDT.

Had a phone appoint with doctor for something else last night, and when I asked her for thyroid results

she stated the following:

T3 Normal

TSH suppressed slightly

T4 A bit low.

Very technical I know lol, but she wouldnt go into values, as not for that.

But wondering does this mean I am on the right track?

Would value your opinion.

Thank you x

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You are legally entitled to the actual numbers and since that's the only way we can tell whats going on you will need to insist

your TSH should be around 1 or below

your free t4 and free t3 should be in the UPPER quadrant of their ranges


I know I can see them, but with it being on the phone after 7pm, she really only wanted to discuss what the appointment was for.

But thanks for letting me know it's upper range I need. many thanks


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