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Could you please give your opinion on these results?

Hello, everyone.

I really hope you might be able to help, I would be very grateful. I am a 42 year old female, and went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I'm struggling with exhaustion, sleeping all the time, or sometimes waking up multiple times a night over-heating or cold, irritability, mood swings, low mood, no motivation and very uncharecteristically forgetful and just sort of "foggy"...I had a hysterectomy last year (kept ovaries) so thought I might be heading into an early menopause. The doctor ordered comprehensive blood tests, and I am due to see him tomorrow to discuss the results, but I am a bit worried and want to make sure I ask the right questions as I now wonder if my problem is actually the thyroid.

TSH: 5.48 (reference 0.27-4.2)

T4 Free 14.6 ng/l (9.3-17.00)

T3 Free 3.38 (1.8-4.6)

For the other hormone stuff

FSH 28.3 (post menopause is anything above 25.8)

Beta oestradial 175 (post menopause < 138)

testosterone estradiol binding globulin 146 nmol/g (normal 32-128)

There are lots of other tests too all of which seem to be in normal range. I'm not in the UK, so standard protocols may be a little different. Does this look like my thyroid is underactive? The TSH is outside the normal range, but the other thyroid stuff is not? My sister has been hypo thyroid for many years, if there is a family link at all. I really appreciate your time. Thanks.

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wiothout a shadow of doubt its HYPOTHYROID

TSH should be closer to 1.0

free T4 should be in upper quadrant of its range and Free T3 likewise

vital that




Vit d3 are tested because they ALL MUST BE HALFWAY in their ranges otherwise you cant convert to t4 into T3 which every cell in your body needs to function

you should be given levothyroxine 25mcg immediately

restore any deficiencies in above 4 and then increase levo by 25mcg every 3 or 4 weeks until you are free of symptoms

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Wow, thank you for the quick response!

I can't see that the things you've mentioned have been tested for so far (but the report is not in English so not 100% sure of how to translate medical terms here).

So even though the T3 & T4 say they are in range, they should be higher? That confused me as I thought they would also be out of range if there was a problem, and underneath those it says "Treatment: None"...

thank you again.


"Treatment none" is crazy with an overrange TSH

your thyroid is failing which is why the pituarity is pushing out TSH to kick the thyroid hence your t4 and t3 are ok just for now but not for long

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Do you know if you've been tested for thyroid antibodies? These attack your thyroid to the point where it becomes useless so you may be more likely to be given a trial of medication if your antibodies are raised.


Well, I went to see the doctor and he thinks there's nothing to worry about. My blood pressure is 100/65, pulse rate 52 - this isn't normal for me, usually it would be about 118-120/75-78 and pulse around 60. I haven't been tested for antibodies I don't think. He suggests I'm depressed (I don't feel depressed). He has given me a referral to an endocrinologist but sort of reluctantly...along with a prescription for anti depressants...

I feel like rubbish, but he kind of made me feel like I was refusing to accept that really I'm depressed. I have been depressed in the dim and distant past, but this feels different.

thanks again for the responses. I can't decide if I should see the endocrinologist or not, if i'm just making a fuss about nothing.


Thank you for the response, Sandy, that is very useful.

I am really not sure now if there's any point in seeing the endocrinologist. I have to pay out of pocket, though it's not usually too expensive here. I will mull it over for a while. Seems to be conflicting advice over whether I could/should be treated or not, but I suppose that very much varies from doctor to doctor, never mind country to country. Thanks again.


Your TSH is high at 5.4 and your free t4 is lowish at 14 your free t3 is right at bottom of the range

this clearly indicates your thyroid is failing and the pituarity is pushing out TSH in an attempt to kick failing thyroid

sadly hysterectomy is well known for starting this scenario

you really need thyroid antibodies testing





vit d3

because the last 4 can be trashed by hypothyroid

ask your doctor to also allow a trial of levothyroxine


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