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update on you have to laugh

sorry for this long post,well I saw the doctor again yesterday, he was lovely and took over half an hour to explain things to me but I still came away with virtually nothing. here's how it went.

I asked about my heart, what was the condition called I was shown a screen where the cardiologist or who ever wrote the report as I haven't seen an cardiologist wrote this, very rare ves and very rare sves with heart beats 52. the doctor said something about 158 or something I don't know what that's about but said its normal. if its all normal why label it very rare?

anyway as to thyroid. I went armed with my thyroid blood results tpoab 50> TSH 3.8 ft4 14.8 ft3 5.2 all within their limits. but not right for thyroid disease. I said I thought I had Hashimoto disease and he told me my tpoab was probably raised from my graves which has been ok for over 20 years since last treatment. and that I was probably not hypothyroid. he said my TSH was within normal range and i pointed it should be around one to be optimal and mine had increased significantly over the last year.I showed him my printed out letter asking for a trial of NDT preferably or at least levothyroxine giving him NHS information on how levothyroxine may not be suitable for me as its to be used with caution in the elderly I'm 64 hypertensive and with or has had graves all me. he wasn't convinced I explained about NDT and gave 5 references including (the 3 Gutter sent , thank you gutter.) and 2 from books including page numbers showing how early treatment of Hashimoto or any hypothyroid is potentially helped by early treatment and that I would be saving the NHS money if they treat the root cause of my illnesses and not try to give me medication that I don't trust and would probably be non compliant with. I went on to state that I didn't see why my health had to worsen to the point that I could barely function before treatment could begin. He said he'd have to speak to the other doctors to see if they agreed with a trial of anything but didn't think it would happen and definitely didn't thing id be prescribed NDT. I asked if they would monitor and support me if I bought NDT and self medicated he wasn't Shure. I asked where we went from here he said they would send me a letter to let me know the out come of their meeting.

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stop wasting your time with idiots

just order NDT(natural Thyroid) online (its cheap) and self treat using advice on here or on

and regain your health

If only we were able to trace the old Swedish research which said that after Graves Disease patients can never never rely on "normal " results

their TSH must be almost undetectable and free t4 and t3 right at top of their ranges all because their bodies were sensitised to such high levels of thyroid hormones they can never again function on lower

My husband proved this spectacularily and is only well at 73 thanks to NDT


Your doctor is a general practitioner which means that he knows nothing about thyroid matters, apart from thinking that numbers have to be adhered to. GPs these days are more interested in covering their backs and protecting their jobs. My experience is that they're hard of thinking too and can not be trusted.

Agree with reallyfedup, the bloke is an idiot and you need to get rid. Buy your own meds and don't be answerable to GPs.


Pet-Lamb, you argued for thyroid replacement persuasively but your levels are within range and you are unlikely to get treatment until they are abnormal. TSH does indicate thyroid is struggling but FT4 isn't low, although it could be higher, and FT3 is currently very good. NDT is not licensed for UK use and is rarely prescribed on the NHS. If, when, you get a NHS diagnosis and thyroid replacement it will be Levothyroxine.

It's not uncommon to have Hashimoto's and Graves antibodies. Your thyroid levels are most definitely not hyperthyroid so it seems likely Hashimoto's is affecting your thyroid function.

If you want to know more about the heart report and test results you can obtain photocopies of your entire GP medical history manual and electronic records for £50.

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Thank you clutter so as its unlikely ill be offered any kind of trial at the moment what do yo advise,should I wait or self medicate as you're right my levels aren't outside the range yet


Pet-Lamb, some members, with TSH lower and FT4 higher than yours, have benefited from thyroid replacement, although their FT3 probably wasn't as good. If thyroid replacement relieves symptoms it's obviously needed. If symptoms aren't improved within 3 months it seems reasonable to assume the symptoms are non-thyroidal.


Thanks clutter, do you know if there's any chance that trialing ndt might set off my graves again.


Pet-Lamb, I don't see why any thyroid replacement would, but I don't know that it won't.


Ok thanks clutter,I've found some on Amazon that looks safe so will get it if or when the doctors refuse thyroid treatment and keep a diary of health/symptoms for the doctor in case I feel worse.


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