Hi! Previous posts showed i was Hyper with raised antibodies. Endo said Graves and did the TRABS test. She then confirmed i had Graves but did not provide the results. I contacted her secretary who claims there is no record of a TRABS test. Endo then phoned me and assures me they were done but said she would re do (lying i believe). She redid blood test and it now shows i have no sign of Graves. GP also confirmed this and printed me off the report. Endo has told me to stop Carb as my TSH had gone to 5.7 and wants to do an ultrasound. She is adamant i do not have hashimoto but when i asked why my antibodies were high she said maybe i had a viral infection. If she believes this which i do not and she is not going to medicate me surely the antibodies will carry on attacking my thyroid. I am pleased i do not have graves but frustrated that she does not seem to have a plan of action. Is there a test they do for Hashimoto like the TRABS for Graves or do i have to believe what she says. Should i be on Levo if there is a chance it is Hashimoto. Still cannot get to grips with all this but it seems neither can she...Thanks!

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  • My opthamologist tested my thyriod antibodies as I have problems with my eyes and family history of 7 females with either graves or hashimoto's, when the test came back at 927 she said I had graves...now I was putting weight on with no life style change and had a whole other list of symptoms so I didn't believe her.. popped off to GP who took one look at the antibodies reading and ordered TSH and T4 check as he was pretty sure was hashimoto's with me and my T4 results would show a significant drop. ..yep they sure did so I am on 100mg now of levothyroxine. Suggest popping off to GP and ask them for blood check and see if this along with list of symotors gives the answer. Only until I saw my GP and got my diagnosis did I get medication. A side from wrong diagnosis from opthamology she has referred me to endocrinology but I am sat in a long waiting list! Good luck!

  • Thankyou Pinklady...it's so frustrating when you rely on the so called professionals and even they cannot get it right.

  • Oh deff agree there....missed all my symptoms and 7 females on mums side all having thyriod disease for 4 years...1 needless operation for what they "thought" was problem and presto..it wasn't it was my immune system after all. Get your bloods checked and speak to gp fingers crossed they give you an answer :-)

  • I am due blood test again on May 5th...i recently did Medichecks ones which showed TSH at 5.7.. T3 and T4 were both now in range but very low. Endo says i am a mystery but it seems many on here do not see me as a mystery but like them struggling to get someone who knows what they are doing!

  • More likely that endo is a diabetes specialist and doesn't know her TRABS from her TPo and you were having a Hashi flare when you looked hyper. Nothing mysterious about that.

  • Depending what ranges they use you TSH is over?? British thyriod gives these as guideline for NHS-

    Test From To Units


    0.4 -4.0mU/l (milliunits per litre)


    9.0 -25.0 pmol/l (picomoles per litre)


    3.5 -7.8pmol/l (picomoles per litre)

    My T4 levels have been in "range" in 2009, 2011 &2015 but only after this last test where T4 was not normal and my TSH was 23.6 they looked back and my levels had actually dropped each time in them years but stayed in their "range" it's such a wolly term lol. Anyway enough waffling from me! Have they tested your thyriod antibodies? These would be elevated in graves or hashimoto's but the T3 & T4 can still be in range (or not!)

  • It's TPo and TG antibodies for Hashis. I believe that you can have both Graves and Hashis together.

  • I have paid privately for her so hope she knows a bit more then she appears to. TPO and TG are raised and TRABS zero so to me that would suggest hashis after the valued knowledge I have received from this site but it seems ENDO does not agree. Thankyou Angel Of The North.

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