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I spoke on the phone to one of my doctor s today and he asked why I wanted a phone consultation,I had to tell him that it was at the request of the surgery.he went on to tell me all my blood results where ok(i can't remember the word he used) I pointed out that they weren't some weren't even optimal for Thyroid health and reminded him my TPOAB had come back at 50 the range is 00-36.he then asked how I'd even gotten that test done and went on to ask what I wanted done,when I suggested a trial of levothyroxin or ndc he said he didn't think they treat people with my levels( I knew this but it couldn't hurt to ask) so I asked to see a endocrinologist.he said he'd get back to me I went on to tell him I have hypertension high cholesterol a rare unusual heart defect (according to another doctor) resulting in lots of extra ectopic beats and I thought it best to treat the cause of all my health problems and not just give me medication for some of them while ignoring the main problem. This would only result in my health deteriorating in the long run. I pointed out that every cell in the body is affected by the thyroid.a couple of hours later I got another phone call the Dr had instructed the receptionist to book me in for a face to face appointment as soon as possible.I see the Dr on Monday. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to ask or tell the Dr on Monday please

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  • You sound as if you know what to say pet-lamb. Just repeat everything above, emphazing how ill you feel and that your antibody count is high.

    (Take notes in so you don't forget anything.)

    Some doctors will give a trial of Levo if your TSH is more than 5.0 and you are exhibiting hypothyroid symptoms........if showing signs of auto immune disease such as Hashimotos as you clearly have with a result of 50 (0-36). Tell him your thyroid is being attacked slowly and you are hoping to me able to manage symptoms better and keep antibodies low with a trial of Levothyroxine. (edited 20.08.2015 )

    Good luck,


  • Thanks flower007 my Tsh is currently only 3.8 so I really don't think they'll trial me on anything,but thought that if I didn't ask I'd get nothing.this way they should at least keep an eye on me and maybe allow more regular thyroid tests and it annoyed me when the Dr not only didn't know why he was phoning me but he hadn't looked at my notes and asked me what I wanted to do about my blood results as if he was saying so what what do you expect me to do!

  • Absolutely and how rude!

    Members have often found persistence to be the best way to go.

    Good luck again.


  • I will flower007 and I intend to point out it may save the NH S money in the long run

  • And request a cardio referral - they were key in my GP taking things seriously my ectopic so were caused by unmanaged hypothyroidism and I can honestly say in the last couple of days I haven't had a single episode compared to the up to 400 I was experiencing prior. Good luck and keep repeating yourself!!

  • Thank ollymummy I've already asked for a cardio referral it another doctor told me it wasn't necessary.

  • My GP resisted at first but gave in when I kept going back - cardio confirmed symptoms were entirely due to undermedication GP changed the dose the same day!

  • I'll try again

  • Be careful though as if there is a problem they might try to put you on beta blockers.


  • The GP did the cardio took me off again - but I had a few funny turns on them as well!!

  • Is that bad flower007 they've been trying to get me to take hypertensive s

  • I think it might mask the problem and you need to address the root cause first.


  • Thanks yes that's what I've been saying, do the tests then when we know what the problems are ill consider treatment.

  • This is a problem dear to my own heart as like ollymummy, I too suffered terrible jumps and enormous bangs and palpatations for over 3 years which was terribly frightening and at times I thought I might die.

    However, after adding T3 to my T4 quite recently, the jumps and bangs stopped within two days and have never returned. Amazing as this is always what Clutter had told me.

    I had my first ECG recently as had resisted all this time. Thankfully no damage has occurred and I've been told I have a strong and healthy heart.

    You may find if you have any heart problems, they may settle once (if ever!!!) medicated on an optimal dose of thyroid hormone replacement.


  • Pet-lamb,

    When starting out on the (long?) road to getting your thyroid issue treated, it can be difficult and frustrating. I recorded daily/ weekly symptoms and also my treatment plan as I saw it.

    I knew the heart problem was caused by taking only T4 ( you may not have this) and during times of desperation, whilst being bullied by ignorant doctors and endos, it is good to be able to read notes and remind yourself of the plan. I got what I wanted in the end but it took four years because I was too afraid to self medicate and still don't.

    We are all different and this was just my approach but what I'm saying is prepare yourself for what may be a challenging (although hopefully not) time ahead.

    Again, I wish you good luck with your GP. You seem very assertive.


  • Ahh flower007 I struggle to be assertive with anyone let alone my Dr but as a retired mental health staff nurse i refuse to be intimidated by them.and I feel it's wrong of them to Lord over us especially at times when where too ill to defend ourselves.hopefully ill get some help but we'll see, at least I have help and support here,.Thank you all😃

  • Sorry for going on.....Please note I have edited my original post.

    Also you might wish to consider going gluten free. Members have found this helpful in keeping antibodies low which is important in preventing excessive further damage and disease.


  • Thank you flower 007,I appreciate you're input.I have considered this especially as my sister is a celiac but it's so expensive however I will try and work it out

  • Pet-Lamb, you could point out that low thyroid adversely affects the heart and your existing heart defect means you can do without unnecessary further stress on it. It's not uncommon for patients to have ectopic beats when thyroid levels are low, and high cholesterol was used to diagnose hypothyroidism prior to thyroid blood tests. Cholesterol usually drops when optimally medicated.

    Ask for a 3 month trial of Levothyroxine to see whether symptoms improve. If there is no improvement the trial should be discontinued.

    The 2006 Thyroid Function Test Guidelines state, “There is no evidence to support the benefit of routine early treatment with thyroxine in non-pregnant patients with a serum TSH above the reference range but <10mU/L.” which in layman’s terms means that patients who have a TSH of less than 10 need not be treated because it doesn’t help. However, they also state that, “Physicians may wish to consider the suitability of a therapeutic trial of thyroxine on an individual patient basis.”

    If your TSH test is above the range but less than 10, it might be an idea to discuss these Guidelines with your doctor as it may persuade him to give you a trial of thyroxine. In our experience, patients with signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism who have a normal TSH and low normal FT4 also benefit from a trial of thyroxine.

    Your FT4 could be nearer the top of the range usually and therefore with a low normal level, you feel quite ill. As you probably did not have your thyroid tested when you were well, you will never know if this is the case. Discuss the possibility of a trial of thyroxine with your doctor if you have low normal FT4 levels.

  • Thank you clutter ill look into this research my Tsh is 3.8 so yes under 10 I don't see them trialling me but might ask if they don't.if they will support me if I self medicate

  • Well done pet-lamb. You did really well you should feel very proud of yourself.

    I'd go armed with a little notebook with the questions you want to ask, mark out a page for your blood test results along with a column for the lab ranges.

    I'm sure others will come along with plenty of suggestions about what you can say but I'm very impressed with what you said, I really liked the bit where you said

    "best to treat the cause of all my health problems and not just give me medication for some of them while ignoring the main problem. This would only result in my health deteriorating in the long run. I pointed out that every cell in the body is affected by the thyroid"

    That is really good 😊

  • Thank you fruit and nutcase he couldn't get me off the phone quick enough

  • Sounds like you covered it in your phone call and the fact he asking to see can hopefully mean he may trial levo, fingers crossed and good luck! Give em hell!

  • Will do polly3 on behalf of all of us

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