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Blood Results Back - Is It Time For T3?

Hi all! (Apologies for posting so frequently today, had a thyroid education day)

So I've literally just got back from collecting my second "balanced levels" blood results whilst on 100 Levo

TSH 2.4 mu/L 0.55 - 4.78mu/L

T4 17 pmol/L 9 - 23pmol/L

I'm certainly significantly better than when I was on 50, this is the best I've felt since my diagnosis, but too often am I sleeping a whole day away, losing cognitive ability, cold etc. Where would people suggest I go from here? My GP is very stubborn and won't be cooperative whatsoever if I go back having just had a test done.

Do I go and ask him to test more things? (I've seen posts on here of people reporting 6 or 7 levels from blood tests?

Do I 'find' some T3 and try that? What would someone with these levels on 100 Levo be looking at taking? Do I take Levo with it or just the T3? (I'm pretty uneducated on this thus far)

Any advice or comments welcome, thank you!


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I think I'd try to talk my doctor into prescribing another 25mcg of Levo first. Plus without an FT3 result, it's impossible to gauge how good your body is at converting T4 to T3. It might be very good at it, in which case a small increase in Levo would do the trick.

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Mattioso, have you asked your GP for a dose increase? Most people feel better with TSH just above or below 1.0 with FT4 in the upper quadrant of range.

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Hey Clutter!

So what exactly can I expect to see with an increase in Levo? You believe I need to bring my TSH down and my T4 up?


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Mattioso, yes, a dose increase will raise FT4 and lower TSH. Hgher FT4 will convert to more T3.

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GP appointment booked in for Monday as of now. Thanks so much for your help on my last couple of questions Clutter!


It's best to persist with educating your GP about both Thyroid tests and your intention to stay on your case. This site is useful for that :)

In time I've found that even though you may be seen as cranky etc, they know they owe you proper care and don't want blow backs.

I have been to 4 NHS Endos before getting a decent hearing!

I hope in time all this will change and make the job easier for the hordes of sufferers having to fight their case with GPs - acting under orders from above on restricting protocols and tests.

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