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Still dont feel well!


I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to discuss still feeling rotten despite the increase of levothyroxine to 200mcg. i was adamant that i needed the addition of T3 last time when was on 150mcg as my T3 was below the low end of the reference range. So now i am over the top end of the reference of FT4 which the doctors are ignoring for the moment as i guess the TSH is not fully surpressed and the T3 has picked up with it so its looking like i cant blame the thyroid unless i am feeling over medicated with the levo which i dont think i am personally.

My ferritin level is low and i have been supplementing with iron but im still not feeling too good. i am extremely fatigued and going back to my old ways of falling asleep in the evening prior to bedtime which i havent done for a while now. My weight gain has stabilised at 5 stone more than i was prior to diagnosis and i cannot shift a bean despite exercising as much as i can and i have asked whether this might be depleting the T3 in my body which some of you have kindly replied to me. thank you. My eyes feel really heavy, my arms and legs are puffy so much so that my feet are puffing out over my shoes! The warm weather wont be helping with this i'm sure. i have little motivation and would rather sit down than do anything energetic. i did have low morning cortisol a while ago and has the acth stimulation test but it came back okay.

i looked back at some old lab results and saw that folate was flagged up as low but it was never mentioned by my GP and therefore it is probably still low or maybe even lower by now.

i havent had B12 tested for a while, it was in range before but certainly not optimal by any means. i do take D3 as that was low before and that is improving as far as the ranges are concerned again not optimal but it seems to be that any storage type of vits such as ferritin and folate i seem to be having problems with and am wondering if anyone else can shed any light on where i might go with this in terms of what to ask my doctor.

i just feel like im clutching at straws to find the answer in my quest to feel well again as do most of us on here i know. Perhaps im being impatient with regards to the vitamin supplements which in fairness i havent been taking for too long (iron 2 months) Vit D well over a year now but i've been diagnosed for 5 years now and i just dont feel right.

I have even considered not taking levo. i have had antibodies in the past but im not sure which ones. I have seen an endo twice who was not helpful and just kept saying its not thyroid related symptoms so im not sure a referral will help unless i go to a different hospital or private maybe?

Below are my latests results in May i think this year.

TSH 0.08 (Range 0.34 - 5.60)

FT4 21.5 (Range 7.9 - 20.00)

FT3 5.2 (Range 3.8 - 6.00)

Ferritin 15 (Range 11 - 307)

Vitamin D 61 (Range <50)

Thanks for reading, i know its a saga to read through!

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Ferritin is on the floor. Do you have heart palpitations? Shortness of breath? Harir loss? I sound like one of those cheesy adverts.... Promise i am not trying to sell anything.. :-). How much iron are you supplimenting with and are you taking it with vitamin c to help absortion? If you arent absorbing b12, do you maybe have syomach absorption problems? Not taking antacids are you? Or proton pump inhibitors?


Hi Galathea

Thanks for the reply.

i have been taking ferrous sulphate 200mcg per day as advised by my GP when i complained about fatigue during my last visit. I do take Vit C 1000mcg with it. How will i know about stomach absorption issues? i dont take any antacid or PPI's.


Hi Lc1973

I can only imagine how you must be feeling........what a dreadful situation for you.....having all the other horrid symptoms is bad enough but then to have to cope with a huge weight gain must be very difficult. You have my sincere sympathy. I hope that you are able to find some relief somehow from somewhere.



Thanks Shon.

I think sometimes you get used to the tiredness although it isnt me to feel lazy but i think what really gripes me is the excess weight. i cant help but think that if i lost the weight that my health would benefit. i am surprised that the doctors dont intervene but what can they do!!


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