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Hashimotos; 4th Blood Test Results

Hi there, just had results for recent bloods as follows;

TSH- 4.90

FT3 - 4.1

FT3- 12.9

Ferritin - 45

Cortisol 445

I have continued to take 25 mcg of Levothyroxine . My Dr seemed surprised that my levels hadnt worsened on such A low dosage. As stated before I initially felt worse on 50 mcg ( I know I didn't give it long but found managing all of this quite overwhelming) chest pains, tremors etc. My Doctor has made a referral to Endo and also for another ultrasound as I still have this uncomfortable feeling in my throat, along with so many other symptons, the stiff neck subsided for a while but this week it's back, feels like someone is pinching the back of my neck / shoulders, also a foggy head. My Dr suggested I could either stop the levo and see what happens or carry on, she thinks some of my symptoms are post menopausal so it's hard to diagnose whether all are thyroid related. I have nose bleeds most days, she checked my BP and said it was 'normal'. When asked if she would prescribe a natural product she said unable to. Generally I felt more listen to and will await Endo apt. Yesterday I decided to up the Levo to 50mcg, it felt the right thing to do.

I am continuing with the supplements ; vitamin D2; 6.0 D3; 90.9 normal at last check although nutritionist said I could continue rather than let it drop again, currently using vitamin D3 oral spray also; evening primrose oil, probiotic, enzyme digest, i-glutamine powder, feroglobin B12, cod liver oil, and I have now added Biocare AD206 for adrenal support. I have followed the advise on here about which to take away from food, to take Levo with vitamin C for better obsorption.

It so hard to measure whether I feel better as I now have this daily check list I go through of symptons , and generally if there is the absence of some, others have returned !!! My diet continues to be gluten free, almost dairy and caffeine free, reduced sugar, alcohol, some foods ( nightshades etc I've cut out ) I was seeing a nutritionist for support but at fifty pounds a time I am now wondering whether it is money well spent, I feel the support and guidance here offers a wealth of information all of which I am using to educate myself with. I'm due to make another visit to the nutritionist to assess how well the leaky gut protocol is going, i don't ' feel ' it's healed, but am at a crossroads regarding what to do right now, any suggestions greatly appreciated....

Many many thanks 😄


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Ddebs, TSH4.9 is high, and FT4 and FT3 are low, so you do need the 50mcg Levothyroxine and will possibly need another increase in dose in 6-8 weeks. Some people do struggle with 25mcg increases, if you find 50mcg too much, reduce to 25/50mcg alternate days for a week or two and then raise to 50mcg again.

Ferritin 45 is low, it needs to be 70-90 but halfway through range is optimal. Supplement Ferrous Fumarate and take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take Levothyroxine 4 hours away from iron and retest ferritin 6 months after you start supplementing.

I'm not very knowledgeable about leaky gut or gut healing but I think it's a long slow process and is likely to take more than a year rather than weeks.


Have you had a test to check for thyroid antibodies. I was alright on levo until I developed TPO's. Then went gluten and lacto free and things improved a lot.


Thanks for replies and advice clutter n crim 😄

Yes had auto antibodies tested in March; 109 klU/L

I went to health store today and was advised to use ' natures Plus Hema Plex for iron as apparently binds better, it's a great shop with really knowledgable staff so Ive bought this product , hoping it gives me the boost I need, I will def alternate with the levo dose though, my understanding of intestinal permeability ( leaky gut) is that any amount of supplements will be of little benefit until the gut is healed. Crimple , Just wondered if this is the same reason you are eliminating gluten and lactose from your diet ?

Thanks again



Ddebs, i went gluten and lacto free to help heal leaky gut but also to reduce my TPO antibodies. The TPO was at 120 when i was very unwell and now it is about 10 and I feel a lot better.


Thanks Crimple, So have you also excluded caffeine, alcohol, sugar any other foods? There seems to be so much written about what is best/ necessary to eliminate ! Just wondering how long it took you to get your antibodies down and also how are you with chlorine in swimming pools ? I had quite severe reaction in May and nutritionist felt this reaction would be permemant , I think it a igA ? I've now changed over to ecover products for the home and had been using natural skin/ cosmetic ranges, so as to reduce as many toxic stressors on my system. It's generally a better lifestyle choice anyway so I'm happy to do whatever it takes, even though a struggle at times !

Ddebs ☺️


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